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Free Nature Scavenger Hunt List

Here’s a free nature scavenger hunt list you can use for a camping birthday party or when you go hiking with kids too. Fun outdoor activity for kids.


Our free outdoor nature scavenger hunt for kids and adults is lots of fun. Use it just because, or if you’re having a birthday party too. Just tape it to a bag, break out into teams and have a treasure hunt outside! (originally published 6/19, participant in the amazon program, affiliate links present)

Nature Scavenger Hunt for kids

Let’s talk about what’s been happening lately.  Every week that passes in our homes is another week I’m thinking about a new social distancing game that will entertain my kids.

No, they’re not the only one feeling a bit stir crazy lately. I too need to get outside to smell the fresh air during the day. It’s nice to have some sort of activity to do together, this one is great for people of all ages really. Make one for you too! I started by creating a camping scavenger hunt with tents in the backyard, then did this one.

free nature scavenger hunt

What is a nature scavenger hunt?

It’s just as you remember as a child, but you’re finding items outside! Unlike our Christmas scavenger hunt where you hide everything inside the walls of your home, you send those little ones on a hike in the great outdoors.

  • Items are FREE and could be used later in a nature craft later too.
  • Scavenger hunts are great for birthday parties because everyone is involved at the same time.
    • Creating teams to find everything can be fun too.
  • Just tape the printable to a paper bag and add a pencil inside so they can mark off what they’ve found along the way.

Whoever finds everything on the list first, wins!

Nature Scavenger Hunt list 2

Scavenger hunt printable

  1. Nature Scavenger Hunt Printable
  2. Lunch size paper bags with handles – handles help
  3. Pencil for each person or team
  4. Small assorted prizes appropriate for either boys or girls

How do you make a scavenger hunt fun?

  1. Decide where you want to have the scavenger hunt and whether you want to have it during the day or night.
    1. This one would be difficult if it were dark unless people were older and they had flashlights.
  2. Figure out what type of scavenger hunt you want to do.
    1. If you were going on vacation, this Disney scavenger hunt would be more appropriate.
  3. Buy or make a prizes for the winners.
  4. If you’re creating your own, make a list of items for the guests to find.
    1. Consider the age group of your players when choosing items to locate.

Make ribbon wands with the sticks you find, and bake flower pot cupcakes for a treat when you’re done.

Then play our nature hike I spy bingo game too while you’re at it!


How do you play scavenger hunt at home?

Just create a list of objects to find and clues to help the players locate each one.

  • To play the game give everyone the list.
    • Or divide the players into 2 teams
  • Alternatively you can call out the items one at a time and send them off to find it instead of giving them the list.
    • This is a better idea if you have younger children who can’t read.
  • Use a white board or piece of paper to keep track of the points.
  • Announce the winner, or give everyone a participation prize.
  • We did something similar with out Halloween scavenger hunt a few years ago.
    • We hid small packages of cookies so it was more like hide and seek and what they found WAS their treat / prize.
    • There’s even a resource for when you’re trying to shop with our grocery store scavenger hunt.

Looking for more indoor activities for kids to keep them busy? We have over 200+ here!

indoor activities for kids

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

Whether you’re stuck at home because somebody is sick, it’s rainy or snowy outside, or otherwise we have help with these printable scavenger hunt sheets and more.

  • I remember the first few years when I had 2 children under 2 years old.
  • One of the two were always taking a nap which meant I was stuck inside most of the day.
  • It made me stir crazy and gave me the inspiration to make this list above.
  • This has come in handy since then for other reasons, I hope it gives you a bit of relief and fun too.

This idea is great for all occasions like our road trip scavenger hunt or Earth Day color by number sheets you can print out too! Need more outdoor activities for kids like how to make a rope swing and more? Then try Geocaching and these gardening ideas too!

how to make a rope swing

If you are traveling, have you taken advantage of our free camping locations post too?

  • Do you love camping with kids? If so we have a lot of tips to make your trip a lot more fun.
  • Throwing a camping themed party? If you hadn’t thought about that idea, it’s great for both girls and boys.
  • Use our scavenger hunt for kids here if you are and you have one free party game down in the books.

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Thursday 21st of January 2021

How do we get the scavenger hunt as pictured? The link to print is just a blank document with the graphics. I had this bookmarked to print for my son's upcoming birthday. Please respond!

The Typical Mom

Friday 22nd of January 2021

Sorry, don't know what happened. Fixed and it is correct now.

Colleen Bolton

Tuesday 3rd of November 2020

The camping scavenger hunt doesn't seem to work when I try to print.


Thursday 21st of January 2021

Same for me. It is just a blank design that I cannot edit.

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