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Free Printable Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Printable Christmas scavenger hunt game for kids is just as fun for adults at a party too. Print as many free printable scavenger hunt sheets for guests as you need.

Printable Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Having a free printable Christmas scavenger hunt is handy to have when you’re trying to throw a cheap party that is fun. You could use this in the classroom with students too! Hide objects, seek, and offer prizes to winners. One of our favorite holiday printables on The Typical Mom blog. (affiliate links present)

Free Printable Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Yes you can buy this game online and use that instead. BUT if you are trying to save money and gather as many Christmas party games as possible this is a great way to do just that. Print as many as you’d like to so everyone can refer to their own copy and have fun prizes for the winners at the end.

Since you’re here I know you are looking for all the free printables for kids you can find. I add more each week so make sure you bookmark the blue link above and check back often.

First you should subscribe to our free newsletter to get more via. email too. Feel free to print one or as many as you like for rainy day activities that boys and girls will all enjoy! Here are our favorite items to use on coloring pages, word searches and color by number printables;


Christmas Printables for Kids

We love hunts like this year round. Heck, even in the summertime we play camping scavenger hunt when we are in a tent road tripping together.

When this holiday rolls around we love to play games, lots of them. Especially if you are hanging out together all day long you will need ways to keep adults and kids busy. Nobody wants a bunch of uncomfortable silences.

We have a bunch of other Christmas themed activities you can take while you’re here for the holiday season too though. Two other favorites are free Christmas bingo game and these Christmas word search printables. There are two versions of this, a gingerbread man and tree.

christmas word search

Free Christmas Scavenger Hunt

We have a few other activities you can do when your guests are together too. Host a craft before or after the hunt, or invite everyone over for a Christmas cookie exchange with this after treat time.

It’s nice to have ideas for younger and older kids to enjoy together too. No bake makes this a bit easier, as well as recipes with very few ingredients to make prep a lot quicker.

Last year we tried something new and it was a huge hit. I love making all the things with boxed mixes and amping them up. This time we made a big batch of cake mix gingerbread cookies. The kids got to decorate them when they were cooled. It kept them busy for the entire afternoon with icing, sprinkles, and all the goodies.

If you don’t want to make a big batch you can use our air fryer gingerbread cookies recipe instead for just a few at a time. Enjoy our natvity coloring pages one afternoon with baking and decorating the house.

gingerbread men cookies

They seriously came out so good and the total cost for everything was less than 20 bucks! I call that a huge win because the older kids helped their younger cousins decorate and that was another fun family memory they will think about for years to come for sure.

The moms got a bunch of cute pictures of this holiday activity they were able to do together and laugh all the way through it. If you turn the men upside down you can make them into gingerbread reindeer cookies too. The legs become antlers and the head becomes the nose…you get the idea.

Holiday Scavenger Hunt

Time needed: 5 minutes

Printable Christmas Scavenger Hunt for Kids

  1. Print

    Click on this scavenger hunt printable link here. It will pop up and you can click print or you may need to hit file on the top left of your computer, and then the print button. Feel free to take as many as you need. use regular printer piece of paper or card stock.

  2. Play

    Everyone can try to figure out the Christmas scavenger hunt clues on their own or in teams. Have them take pictures when they find their Christmas scavenger hunt ideas on the list with their cell phone, or write down where it was.

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