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Grocery Store Scavenger Hunt

This is how to avoid tantrums when grocery shopping with kids! Using our Grocery Store Scavenger Hunt is a full proof way shop in peace with no matter what age they are. This printable scavenger hunt is a lifesaver for moms with “that kid” or when you have a sick child with you but need food.


Oh I remember the days! Grocery shopping with kids, two of them under the age of 2, who wanted nothing to do with it. Yes I was one of those crazy moms who thought my second daughter was so easy that we could do it again. Oh how different she was. Don’t get me wrong, I love her dearly, but was more challenging for sure. Sponsored by Walmart. (2/18 originally published, affiliate links present)

Grocery Store Game

She is my mini me, but that being said she is very opinionated and expresses that opinion freely whether we were in public or in the comfort of our own home. The last thing I wanted to do was take her anywhere where she needed to be quiet and patient, like the grocery store. 

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Unfortunately there wasn’t any other option 9 years ago and even though I had “that kid” who drew attention in the store (not in a good way) whenever I went. I had to do it…oh and the stories I have from those trips!

Grocery Shopping With Kids

Grocery Scavenger Hunt

I was trying to come up with something to make my trips easier. I thought about how she loved our Christmas scavenger hunt and went from there. If I could keep her busy like this in the store that would be great, so I came up with this printable. BUT then there was a second solution!!

I SO wish this was available back then, but you can enjoy today to never have to deal with tantrums again in the grocery store.

  • You roll out of bed
  • Grab your morning cup of coffee
  • Throw on your favorite robe and house slippers
  • Open your computer
  • Order your groceries online from Walmart Online Grocery Pickup
  • You have the ability to check your fridge and cupboards to see EXACTLY what you need and what you already have
  • Hop in your car (maybe stay in your pajamas and house slippers)
  • Pull up to Walmart
  • Have someone load the groceries you ordered into your car
  • DRIVE AWAY and never have to take your children inside to grocery shop with you!

Dream right??? NO, it’s a reality now! Seriously! You can buy meat in bulk online this way when it is on sale to save you a ton of $ too.

Grocery Store Scavenger Hunt

Grocery Store Scavenger Hunt Free

I used to have no choice. I’d load my 3 in the car, one in the little seat in the cart, one in a car seat in the cart itself (hello, no room for groceries now), and keep an eye on #3 who is old enough to roam the store and pick up every package of junk food she could get her hands on.

Seriously, don’t know how I even survived!

  • I did everything I could think of to keep them busy like creating this grocery scavenger hunt printable which helped a bit.
  • Shopping in my jammies was just a dream back then…….

This year I started ordering groceries online and it was a game changer!! My kids are older so the tantrums aren’t as much of an issue but they’d still rather be doing something else, and quite frankly so would I.

Even though my girls are older I still have “that kid” who has a tremendous amount of energy and gets distracted easily….meaning it is NOT fun taking her to the store. Case in point….below. LOL. It’s kinda’ not even an exaggeration. I love her dearly but shopping is just not her thing…..

Grocery Shopping With Kids

Grocery Store Scavenger Hunt

Problem solved when grocery shopping with kids online with Walmart now! Now this is what I do. I do it in my jammies!!

  1. Sign into Walmart Online Grocery Pickup online
  2. Click on the groceries I want to buy
  3. Add them to my cart
  4. Choose a time to pick them up
  5. Drive to Walmart
  6. A friendly personal shopper loads them into my car!!!
  7. Time and sanity saved 😉

If you’re a busy mom like me you will SO appreciate this service. What I would have paid to have this available when I had toddlers. Even today it saves me so much time as I don’t have to roam the aisles trying to find what I need. I can just type it into the search bar and wahhh lahhhh.

Grocery Shopping With Kids

Walmart Online Grocery Pickup Promo Code

It’s there and with a push of a button it’s in my cart!! Not having to get out of the car is such a luxury as I can now schedule a pickup time that coincides with school pick up. Grab my groceries just before I get them at the end of their day and be done.

GAME CHANGER my friends! NO more grocery shopping with kids…..solved. 😉 Loaded and ready to go! This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Walmart. The opinions and text are all mine.

Grocery Shopping With Kids

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Patricia Lyn Bigbie

Sunday 25th of February 2018

But...what about coupons? Can you use these in your cart and give them to the person loading your car? Thank you in advance for any reply!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.