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Where to Buy Bulk Meat Online

Tips on where to buy bulk meat online and how to save money on groceries are here from a busy mom with a family of 5 to feed! What we do to save a ton.

Buy Bulk Meat Online

Have you ever thought to buy bulk meat online and pick it up locally to save money on groceries, or how / when to buy it in bulk at the grocery store. Well I’m here to share tips with you on when and where to buy meat in bulk so you too can stock up and save a bunch of money too. 😉 (originally published 9/18, affiliate links present)

  • We all want to save time and money + meal plan right??!! If I could buy everything online I would, and have found many ways to do just that! (shopping in your jammies is just the best right?)

At the same time I am cheap …..frugal and am always looking for a great deal especially when it comes to groceries.

There are 5 of us in our family and that can get really expensive if you’re not using coupons, shopping sales, and/or buying meat online. Here are a few ways to save money on food if you’re a busy mom like me too…..

ways to save money on groceries

Buy bulk meat online

  1. My favorite place is ButcherBox (you can get free bacon + $15 off your order too here). It’s a great way to have quality meats delivered right to your door too!
    1. I will say their bacon is the BEST I have eaten in my entire life!!
    2. Grass fed cuts of meat that are lean and delish.
  2. This is another place where you can buy meat online that is low cost, high quality, and if they aren’t in your are now let them know you want them to be!

It’s a service called The Savory Butcher where you order chicken, steak, ground beef etc… online. Then you show up locally at a designated time and location and they load it into the back of your car!

I personally use about 1 lb. at a time when I am cooking my Instant Pot recipes. That is why I divide them up in those amounts, but you can do whatever works for you. It’s just easier when I make Instant Pot frozen chicken breast with sauce and only want 4 at a time broken into pieces.

instant pot
  1. I bought 1 40 lb. box of trimmed, boneless, skinless chicken breasts and they looked great! A lot less work than buying them in the store and a lot cheaper at $1.99/lb. 
    1. It’s a great alternative to Zaycon Fresh if you used them. We were heartbroken when they had to close their doors.
  2. Then you just divide your meat up however you like when you get home. I bought freezer bags in bulk here, wrote the date on each one, and divided them up into 2 breasts per bag. Then threw them into my chest freezer for later.
    1. You can vacuum seal them too to maintain the highest quality. Great for meal planning going forward.

If you like to do batch cooking or meal prepping this is a great way to do it. 

freezing chicken

If you’re a loyal Amazon shopper, see if Amazon Fresh is available in your area! Typically you get $25 off your first order if it is and that’s how to get food delivery to your door that way.

Wait until meat is on sale and then load up there! You can choose pasture raised if they have it which is what we do if we need something.

  1. Look at store ads on a weekly basis
    1. When there is a buy one get one free sale on meat you use regularly then stock up and freeze!
    2. When ground beef (for example) is on sale buy the largest pack they offer. You can ask the butcher for a very large package too. Then divide it up into 1 lb. portions in freezer bags. Mark the date on the outside and freeze!
    3. Of course pair these deals with free digital grocery coupons if any are available.
ground beef
  1. Buy directly from farmers
    1. This is common where we live now. You can buy an entire cow, pig, or several chickens and save a ton of money. If that is too much many times several families will come together and share the cost.

You just tell the butcher what cuts you want. They wrap them up (as you see in the top picture with the white paper wrappers) and you freeze it.

saving money on groceries

Bulk meat online

You also need to have a large enough freezer.

  • For the best result you can use a Food Saver vacuum sealer that gets every bit of air out, haven’t jumped that hurdle quite yet but will soon for sure.
  • I bought freezer bags in bulk here, wrote the date on each one, and divided them up real quick before throwing them in my freezer.

When we started buying meat in bulk we just had a 2nd refrigerator/freezer in the garage and used that, but since we moved we upgraded to this chest freezer and it’s been so much better!

buy meat in bulk

A large upright or chest freezer can save money on groceries beyond buying meat in bulk too!

When frozen pizzas are on sale you can now buy 10.  Then them on hand for busy days knowing they will fit just fine.

If you’re looking for more money saving tips here’s one on how to save money on groceries. Grabbing a Costco membership deal is great too. It’s a great way to make all the air fryer Costco recipes at home.

  • I highly suggest you do this. Not only to save money but it makes things a lot more convenient too.
  • Now I just have to go into my garage to get meat and skip the grocery store too.
  • Especially during the winter months when I don’t want to go out more than I need to, it’s a lifesaver.
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