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Nature Hike I SPY

Here’s a free and fun nature hike I spy printable to bring with you when you’re hiking with kids. It’s a fun camping scavenger hunt everyone can play while you’re hiking together. A way to make hiking fun and perfect for all ages.

Nature Hike I SPY We do a lot of hiking whether it be a short one on the weekends or taking off for the week and hiking while we are camping. We have 3 kids so getting them engaged and loving the outdoors is important. Here is a fun nature hike I SPY printable you can take with you too that they will love! If you travel a lot with your kids make sure to check out our road trip blog when you’re done here. 😉 (originally published 5/16)

You see when you’re out hiking it is fun to play Nature Hike I SPY and find things as you go along.

Most of these will come along and when they do kids can just push their finger thru the picture they found and see if they can find everything!

It is kind of like an outdoor scavenger hunt…everyone loves that!

  • Just print out this Nature Hike I Spy page (1 per child) and have them carry it along with them in their pack.
  • Have them punch their finger through the box when they find the item, or give them a small marker with a top on it to keep track
  • If you want to reuse them you can put them inside sheet protectors
    • Use a carabiner to hang the Nature Hike I Spy sheet in the sheet protector on to a belt loop with the marker inside the sheet protector
    • Give each child a wet erase marker to check off each item
    • When you get back wipe the sheet off with a wet wipe and reuse over and over again
  • Use this on Boy Scout trips for fun!
  • Use it at a park when you’re throwing a camping themed party for some added free fun!

Then do our nature scavenger hunt too.

Nature Scavenger Hunt list 2

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.