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Cute Campfire Camping Cupcakes

These are the most adorable camping cupcakes ever. They are a perfect addition to a camping birthday party or to make just for fun. Here’s how you make these cute cupcakes and how to make a small batch of just 6 cupcakes too if you just want a small treat.

campfire cupcakes

So Summer is almost here, and we do a lot of traveling as a family when the kids are out of School. So naturally once April hits I start thinking of where we want to go. As we were making our plans I got to thinking I should incorporate camping into a fun dessert, thus coming up with these cute and easy to make campfire cupcakes! They would be perfect for a camping birthday party too! (affiliate links present, originally published 4/16)

Camping Cupcakes

We love making fun cupcakes and I will share a few other fun ones below too so you can try them all. It’s a great way to get kids involved in decorating as it is a small surface and you can really dress up a cupcake and create something cute.

  1. pretzel sticks
  2. mini white marshmallows
  3. cupcakes – this is how to make just 6 cupcakes if you just want a small batch
  4. frosting – chocolate & red work best (put into a pint sized freezer zipbag, cut off end to squeeze out)
camping cupcakes

Campfire Cupcakes

You can buy already colored frosting or make your own but I am all about easy so I used what I had at home. I colored white frosting red, and melted a few chocolate chips and mixed them with my white frosting to make the brown chocolate you see here.

If you don’t have pastry bags  just use a pint sized freezer ziploc , cut the corner off after you fill it with frosting and pipe the frosting on that way. We made these a regular size but they could be even cuter smaller. This is how long to bake mini cupcakes too.

Here’s a quick rundown on how you make them:

Camping Desserts

I also make it easier on myself using boxed cake mix, but if from scratch is your thing….have at it!! 😉

If you’re making camping cupcakes for a party then make the whole box but if we are just making a small treat we make a small batch of cupcakes which is easy and I share our recipe for 6 cupcakes above.

Once you have your brown (for dirt) and red frosting (for fire) in pastry bags or freezer bags ready to squeeze out you can move on to the next step of putting it all together.

campfire cupcakes
  • Just make 2 rows of dots for the “dirt”, and then red frosting dots in the middle until it’s high enough to reach the top of the pretzels that will act as the “wood”.
  • Break your pretzel sticks in half and use 4 halves to create the wood fire in the middle.

For added cuteness push 4 or so small marshmallows on to a pretzel stick as though you are roasting marshmallows. You can use a lighter to brown those marshmallows (adults only of course for that part).

 campfire cupcakes
 camping cupcakes

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camping cupcakes

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.