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Sheep Cupcakes

These sheep cupcakes or Easter cupcakes are the cutest you’ve ever seen and so easy to make with your kids! Perfect dessert or for a first boy or girl birthday party. Here’s how you make them and other fun Easter games and treat ideas too.

sheep cupcakesIt’s Easter time and why not do some food art and create sheep cupcakes for the occasion. Actually these are great as baby shower cupcakes or for a first Birthday too if you’re having a gender neutral theme! They are so incredibly adorable and easy to make that you could have the kids help you if you’re having a Spring party, or just for fun on the weekends. Here is how you make these sheep cupcakes. (originally published 3/16)

  • Awwwwww, I know right! It’s fun to creative with desserts.
  • I am not a big bake from scratch kinda’ person, except when it comes to my caramel apple bread pudding recipe. I start with a cake mix to make the cupcake base and go from there once they’re cooled. I chose a white cake mix this time but spice cake would be good too.

We hope you love these sheep cupcakes as much as we do.

lamb cupcakes

Easter cupcake recipe.

easter cupcakes

I used a whipped marshmallow frosting (already made in the tub…we are going easy here).

I like to use the back of a spoon to smooth it on so it goes on smoother and it’s easier to do. It is a great idea when cooking with kids too, easier than a knife. Then get mini marshmallows and cut the white ones in half and pink marshmallows diagonally like this.

sheep cupcakes

Sheep cupcakes

This is what you need to make Sheep cupcakes and step by step instructions

  • Cake mix – or homemade cake mix
  • Ingredients to make cake batter
  • Cupcake liners
  • Small white and pink marshmallows
  • White frosting
  • Candy eyes – you can find the candy eyes here
  • Pink edible balls – pink or grey sixlet for the nose


sheep cupcakes

Directions for Easter cupcakes like these

  1. Make a batch of cupcakes, or make just 6 cupcakes like this, and allow to cool
  2. Start with the candy eyes
  3. Put them in the middle of the cupcake and then put the white marshmallows cut in half around the outer edge
  4. Working all the way around the cupcake from the outside in
  5. Do a second row but leave a bit of room up near the eyes to put your pink ears.
  6. Add a pink candy for the nose
  7.  Then fill in the white marshmallows as much as you desire.

That is an easy way to make sheep cupcakes!

They are so cute you could make a basket full of them next to their Easter basket as a surprise, or fill the basket with all the items you need to make them together. Bake the cupcakes ahead of time and give each child a plastic knife with their marshmallows so once they frost their cupcake they can see it transform into a cute sheep cupcake of their own!

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Butterscotch nest Easter dessert is NO bake and delicious.

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