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Free Easter Word Search Printables

2 free Easter word search printable sheets! Great games for boys and girls that is perfect for all ages and students. In an egg and bunny shapes for Spring, we have word searches for every holiday for you to print out today!

easter word search

We have two Easter word search puzzles for you here. A bunny and one in the shape of an egg of course and perfect for girls or boys. One of our favorite holiday printables! (originally published 4/17, affiliate links present)

I started making simple word search printables for the holidays a few years ago because they are fun for kids and great for the classroom or just as an activity at home.

Even if the words are quite simple for your child it really doesn’t matter when it comes to finding words. It is still a great activity for any age I find.

Words are on the bottom of these Easter word search printables so children can cross them off when they’re found.

  • Using a highlighter is usually the easiest things to use and add to the whole fun of it. This is a great Easter printable to offer if you have centers in a classroom.
    • You could highlight one of them and provide the key so when time is up they can look and find the words that may have stumped them.
  • You can also create a game out of it and whoever finds the words first is the winner.

If you want to save paper and reuse this Easter word search for kids you can easily laminate them, give them wet erase markers to find the words, and then use a wipe to clean off their work.

  • Then you can use them year after year (helpful when you’re teaching) and not have to print out any more.

We have word searches for every holiday under our printables tab so you could do this for each one and always have them on hand as a fun and educational activity.

easter bunny word search

We have two different Easter word search printables for you here:

It is a great hidden words activity for kids on Easter Sunday with words listed on the bottom. Make a game of it with little trinkets for the first and second place person to find all of the words.

Like I said we have a lot of free holiday printables beyond this Easter word search, here are a few more free activities for your kids

Make sure to make this colorful party punch recipe too for the occasion!


We hope you have a fun holiday together and are able to use our free Easter games to help in your celebrations.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.