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Free Printable Easter Bingo Game

Easter Bingo is so much fun and a great party game to play with friends and relatives. Here are free printable Easter bingo cards to play at school if you’re a teacher or a parent having a holiday party or just looking for a rainy day activity.

easter bingo

Easter bingo is fun to play when you get your family together and the kids get antsy. I created a free printable so you can print the bingo cards out ahead of time and have them ready. Enjoy this and our other holiday printables! (originally published 3/16, affiliate links present)

We love a great Easter game for kids!

If you too are having an Easter egg hunt and need a few other Easter activities for children, this game is great.

Playing bingo is always a winner, and perfect for all ages. Even adults can into the fun! We made ours Easter themed here but have tons of other free bingo printables here too for other holidays.

  • You can use Easter bingo cards and make a matching game too! Perfect for an Easter party
    • just print 2 sets out, have them cut the pieces into squares, match up the pairs, flip upside down and mix them up.
    • Then you have an “old fashioned” match game.
  • Easter bunny jar craft
    • fill it with Easter candy and little toys
  • Host an Easter egg hunt
  • Cute Easter desserts and this party punch recipe you can make together

If you’re looking for a fun Easter treat to make with your kids, or make for people coming over we love these butterscotch nests.….cute and delicious!

Easter word search is here too for free! We have 2 different ones that are free to print out.

easter bunny word search

Here are the free Easter bingo cards you’ll need to play with multiple players

You will need a few different bingo cards so everyone doesn’t get bingo at the same time.

There are 3 more variations to in total (4 different cards in all).

Time needed: 20 minutes

Easter Bingo

  1. Print

    1. All you have to do is print this printable Easter bingo game. Print one extra so the caller can cut 1 up into pieces in order to draw them out one at a time out of a hat.
    2. Here is Easter BINGO card number 2
    3. Next Easter BINGO game 3
    4. Easter BINGO printable number 4

  2. Play

    Give each player a markers like pennies, jelly beans or buttons. You can use a pencil too if you only want to play once.

The first person who gets 5 in a row vertically, horizontally or diagonally needs to call out BINGO and wins.

easter bingo

Here’s how it works:

  • Print out a card or two to make sure you have all the pictures on all 4 cards.
  • Cut each littler picture out and put them in a hat or cup.
  • Draw one out at a time and show the picture so everyone can mark whether they have it on their Easter bingo board.
  • It’s fun to gather together little things to use as markers for kids to use for your Easter celebrations.

I find using dixie cups to hold the cereal, jelly beans, or coins is best.

  • You can also print these bingo markers and let them cut out the purple circles to use on their Easter bingo cards.
  • If you find little things at the Dollar Store to pass out to winners, or to everyone, that makes it fun too.

If you want to use them year after year it is easy to do with these self adhesive laminating sheets. Just pass out with a wet erase marker and wipe off with a wipie. Or use markers like jelly beans to keep track of what has been called.

You can enjoy our Easter color by number printables after this is done too.

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Thursday 1st of April 2021

awesome ideas can't wait to try them all!!

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