Watercolor painting ideas

Kids love to watercolor, but have you thought about using them beyond a piece of paper? There are other ways to use them that kids really enjoy such as this one using a canvas and masking tape to reveal a hidden letter or picture! Here are a few fun watercolor painting ideas for kids.

watercolor painting ideas

This is a really fun project and you only need a few items to make it. Since it is watercolor you don’t need to worry too much about staining though you should always protect your surfaces and clothing whenever possible. This is a great Birthday party idea, and inexpensive as you can order canvases for $1/ea. below. Here is what you need for this watercolor craft.

Watercolor painting ideas

  1. Watercolor paints – affiliate link
  2. Paint brush
  3. Cup of water
  4. Paper towel(s)
  5. Glitter (if you dare)
  6. Canvas, only $1 here – aff. link (or thick card stock)
  7. Masking tape
  8. Yarn
  9. Hot glue gun

Watercolor activities

Waatercolor crafts

Start with you masking tape to create your letter, design, or your entire name. If you make a mistake just peel it off and put it in the right place, that is why masking tape is the best type to use for this watercolor craft for kids (or adults). Now dip the brush in water and swirl it in your first watercolor, paint a section of your canvas and paint right over the top of the masking tape so it goes all the way to the edge when you tear it off. You can use watercolors or acrylic paints like this polka dot art project idea;

Rinse your brush after each different color and tab excess water off with paper towel. Paint all around the tape so when you remove it the underneath of the tape is white and the surrounding area is colored so it REALLY stands out.

Watercolor canvas art.

Watercolor letter project

Sprinkle your glitter on to the wet paint before it dries if you want to tackle the glitter monster. lol. Allow the canvas to fully dry and then let your kids pull each piece off to reveal their design!! That is the fun part for them! To hang just hot glue a piece of yarn on to the back of the canvas at the top, double it up for strength. Have fun with this watercolor art project.

Watercolor art project

Here’s another way to make an easy polka dot art project too.


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