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You’ve Been Egged

Great Easter games for kids are here! Plus You’ve Been Egged printable to use so you can start this tradition too. If you’re looking for some fun Easter activities for the season here are a bunch.

easter games for kids

Have you played the fun game in your neighborhood around Easter time called You’ve been egged??!! It’s added to the fun Easter games for kids each year that we started a year or so ago. (originally published 2/15)

Easter Games for Kids

If you’ve participated in You’ve been BOOed during Halloween it is very similar. A fun way to meet and treat the people in your neighborhood. I’ve created free printables for you to use and an explanation of the game below….you’re gonna’ love it! 😉

You’ve been EGGED is started about 2 weeks before Easter arrives. One family starts this domino effect of niceness with a little basket full of goodies like this one.

A note was included with a sign for the neighbor they’re giving it to to hang on their door. Here’s how it goes……

easter games for kids

You’ve Been Egged Printable

Included in your basket full of little toys and homemade treats like chocolate surprise eggs is the note you see above, you can print this note right here!

This is a fun way of introducing the You’ve Been EGGED game to your neighbor. You can leave a basket full of goodies on their doorstep at night for them to find.

If you knock and let them find them immediately these glow in the dark plastic eggs are fun to use.

Or spread the eggs on their front lawn with the notes and empty basket on their stoop. You may want to leave a note that they’re hidden on their front lawn if you do that.

easter activities

Free Printable Easter Games

You print a copy of these instructions here. Include them in your basket for them so they know what to do next.

Lastly print a copy of this You’ve Been Egged sign so they can hang it on their door. This will tell other neighbors they have already had the pleasure of getting a treat from another neighbor!

It is fun to find little things each neighbor’s children would like. Get creative like the Play doh Easter eggs here. Or add Easter Legos if you know they have a little boy  Easy and so much fun to do.

Easter games for kids

  1. Easter word search is fun for all ages
  2. 12 Easter activities for children are here
  3. This is how to dye eggs with Kool Aid which is fun
  4. Easter desserts with some being NO bake so little hands can help
  5. Then fill this Easter bunny jar with treats
We've been egged printable

Want to bake something with your kids to include in the basket? Make our easy Easter bread using frozen dough. Same great look but with a chocolate egg in the middle and small enough for little hands.

Easter bread refrigerated dough

Want to see a few of my favorite things that I am totally obsessed with?? Take a peek and see how many you might already have…twinsies!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.