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BOO your Neighbors This Halloween

Free printable boo signs to BOO your neighbors this Halloween. Fun game to do with friends and in a neighborhood that inspires giving.

printable boo sign

Have you ever been BOOOoooooed or have you BOOed your neighbors this Halloween??!! It’s a fun neighborhood game of giving. Or you can do it with your friends but it is a blast to do during the Fall.

Here is how it works and free printables to make your own BOO sign too.

So basically it is a game of giving.

Typically one neighbor or friend starts the ball rolling by printing out this Boo’d poem and instruction sheet, a printable you’ve been Booed sign. 

Free printable boo sign for Halloween.

You leave a fun box or bag full of goodies for that house to enjoy. That house puts the we’ve been boo’d sign on their front door. You then give a copy of it and the instructions inside the next persons boo’d bag. The domino effect has begun.

  • If it is your first year you will be surprised at just how many houses participate. If there are a lot of houses you can choose to do two houses at a time. This is a great way to start so more people end up participating.
Boo your friends this Halloween with these free printables

Sometimes you know who lives inside and can choose items and treats you know the children might like. Maybe it is someone new who you want to welcome into the neighborhood and decide to fill the container with fun pencils and glow sticks. Either way it is a fun game.

Don’t wait until someone on your street starts this tradition, start it yourself and keep it going year after year. It is fun to guess who left the goodies for you and find goodies for the next house too.

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Tuesday 29th of September 2015

Such a fun idea that wil make Halloween even better in your neighborhood!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.