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Printable Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Free printable Halloween scavenger hunt sheet that kids and adults can use as a party game. Fun and easy printable scavenger hunt sheets to print and use in the Fall.

printable halloween scavenger hunt

Looking for a free printable Halloween scavenger hunt sheet? It is a great Halloween game to play that doesn’t cost you a dime and we have others too! Fun for the whole family for sure. (affiliate links present)

Halloween Scavenger Hunt for Kids

You could adjust this sheet for all ages really. If you have really little ones you could draw what the item is next to the words and go over it right before. OR take a picture of the items that are hidden and print extra copies for non readers to carry around. Then everyone can participate and feel like they’re contributing.

If you want to double down after playing this game you could use these plastic bats to be found on this sheet. Then use them, and the spiders that come in that set to play Halloween tic tac toe

Many of the items you probably have in your bucket of decorations. If not I will provide links below so you can order them online and have them delivered right to your door. Then you’ll be ready to hide them around the house or in the back yard so the game can begin once everyone gets there.

Halloween Scavenger Hunt Clues

  1. Inflatable pumpkin, witch, Frankenstein and ghost are all in one here
  2. Crime scene tape
  3. White pumpkins will be at the grocery store too in a variety of sizes
  4. Vampires could be created with these LEGO sets before starting this game to add another Halloween party idea
  5. Orange lights are cheap if you just swap out 2 bulbs with these
  6. Bats I linked to above
  7. Tombstone can be created with a piece of cardboard or foam cut into the right shape and spray painted black
  8. Fog machine can be used during a dance Monster Mash later.

Candy buckets you can easily find at the grocery store in Oct., or The Dollar Store. OR you can make your own Dollar Store Halloween decoration with 2 turkey basting pans like you see here. If you want additional edible activities, make our Halloween candy apples here together.

diy candy bucket

Halloween Scavenger Hunt Free

You may have a toy clown in your kids’ room to use, or just put a red nose on another doll.

  1. A strobe light can be used while dancing too
  2. Cat and zombie cake or cupcake toppers are cheap
  3. Movie prop could really be anything like fun hats
  4. Someone could be wearing these werewolf slippers
  5. You could do a skeleton craft before this game too and they can identify that as this clue

Plastic spiders are included in the link for the bats to play tic tac toe so you can get them both together and kill two birds with one stone.

halloween pumpkin

As you can see you could create other crafts or Halloween treats that look like one or more of these clues. That makes for a more fun activity for everyone. Use Halloween themed decorations that you already have to start and then integrate some of our ideas to fill in the rest of what you need.

You can have every group use a cell phone to take a photo of each item on the list. Then when they think they are done they can open the photo app and scroll thru to show you.

Trick or treating is always another fun Halloween activity everyone can do together that doesn’t cost anything.

Halloween word search printable

Ready for a neighborhood scavenger hunt now? I will provide the link below so you can get as many as you’ll need for the group that is coming.

Halloween Party Games

Time needed: 5 minutes

Printable Halloween Scavenger Hunt

  1. Prepare

    Give each child or team a highlighter to mark off the things they have found. They will need a bag to collect things, or they could use their cell phones to take photos of things on the list.

  2. Play

    Each pair or person should have a copy of the Halloween scavenger hunt printable to ensure they have all the items before heading back and trying to win.

  • One of our favorite party ideas is making yarn pumpkins and then using those to play tic tac toe too. You can use our printable above or just use 4 pieces of licorice to create a “board”.
  • Halloween word search games are great. We offer a few different picture options in this post too.
  • If you want more and more, Halloween Bingo is always a hit with toddlers to the elderly alike.

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