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Yarn Pumpkin Craft for Fall

This Halloween Tic Tac Toe yarn pumpkin craft and game is so much fun for kids and easy to make too. Here are instructions and the 3 things you will need.

yarn pumpkin craft 2

If you’re looking for Halloween party games this one is so much fun and inexpensive to make! Both boys and girls will love this yarn pumpkin craft that doubles as a game too! Special thanks goes out to Red Heart yarn for sponsoring this post. (originally published 9/17, affiliate links present)

Using just three items they can create their own pumpkins that will be used to play tic tac toe over and over again with an edible set up! 

  • Not only is it a super easy Fall craft, but it can be made into a Halloween game or pumpkin garland in your home too.

Halloween pumpkin craft

  1. Red Heart purple and orange yarn to make your pumpkin shape
  2. Black Red Vines Licorice
  3. White and Green Pipe Cleaners
yarn pumpkin craft 3

We used purple yarn for our second color markers, but really you could choose any other color. You just need to differentiate between the two players.

If you’re having a kids Halloween party this is a great craft to do at one station. Then have them play each other at the next station.

Almost any age can create these yarn pumpkins. You just may need to help them tie a knot in it. Other than that they will be able to do it.

Time needed: 15 minutes.

Pumpkin Yarn Craft

  1. Cut

    First cut a long piece of yarn, about 3 feet or so (having it a little too long is better than too short).

    Do the same to another piece of the same color yarn that is about 4″ long.

    Then cut the color pipe cleaner you want to use, about 2″ long Put two fingers out like you see here.yarn pumpkin craft 3

  2. Wrap

    Hold the end of your hard with your thumb. Wrap the yarn around your fingers (somewhat tight). Go diagonally one way, then the other.

    Do this about 25 times total to make a lovely pumpkin shape.
    Hold the other end of your yarn with your thumb again. Cut the excess off.

  3. Complete

    Use the 4″ piece of yarn and push one end through your knuckles and the other end between the tips of your fingers. It will look like a pom pom of sorts.

    Lay your piece of pipe cleaner across the top of your fingers. Tie your piece of yarn in a knot on top of your piece of pipe cleaner, right in the middle of it.

    Twist your pipe cleaner and fold in half so it looks like the stem of a pumpkin

    Make yarn pumpkins in two different colors for two players
    Use 4 pieces of black Red Vines licorice for your tic tac toe board

yarn pumpkin craft 4

Watch this video tutorial to get a clear view of how I made this easy yarn pumpkin craft:

You can either use the jumbo or regular sized Red Vines, we used black because it is a good Halloween color. It’s a fun way to make a tic tac toe board because it’s edible when you’re done playing too!

  • Of course you could do brown pumpkins instead of purple or whatever color you choose. They have plenty to choose from.

Design can be improvised around larger objects if you’d like, but fingers are just so easy.

yarn pumpkin craft 5

When your Halloween party games are done they are free to take home their little creations as a party gift too….that’s always a plus. Let us know what you think of our easy and fun Halloween tic tac toe yarn pumpkin craft!

What fun and edible games have you played during the fall??

Let us know how you used this Halloween party idea at your next get together!

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