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Cheap and Easy Thanksgiving Crafts

Easy Thanksgiving crafts for kids. Cheap Dollar Store craft ideas for the Fall that kids love making in the classroom or at home! Free printables too.

easy thanksgiving crafts

I have 3 kids, and taught Kindergarten and 2nd grade for quite some time. When the holidays come around I’m always up for creating easy Thanksgiving crafts! (originally published 11/15, affiliate links present)

This inexpensive craft can be made with your kids or use it as a project in your classroom during a holiday party. You can find almost all the items at your local dollar store and kids love creating it.

I have a roundup of lots of other easy Thanksgiving crafts at the end of this post too so you’ll have a lot to choose from. 😉

Thanksgiving Craft

This first Thanksgiving craft requires a few things, I will have a list of others at the bottom of this post:

  1. Pledge (yes you heard me right, the liquid kind)
  2. Glitter – I used copper glitter
  3. Construction paper
  4. Electric tea light (craft store purchase)
  5. Sticky back foam
  6. Tape
Dollar store crafts

Of course every dollar store (I use that term generically, this is a dollar tree store) has different glass items but most have small “goldfish bowl” style glass pieces you can use for this craft.

You will need one per child.

Thanksgiving day craft ideas

Now get some newspaper ready because this part can cause spillage. Put some Pledge into your glass jar, maybe 1/8 c. (I don’t measure).

You are going to swish this around inside the glass so all areas of the inside are touched with Pledge, this is going to adhere the glitter to the inside!

Easy crafts for kids
thanksgiving craft
thanksgiving craft

Once you’ve swished the Pledge around inside the jar, use a thick piece of newspaper over the top to kinda’ turn it over and make sure the inside lip of the jar is covered too, then pour the rest of the liquid out.

Pour glitter inside the jar and shake it all around so the entire inside is covered with glitter and it is sticking to the sides, then pour out excess glitter.

Thanksgiving turkey craft
turkey craft

Now trace and cut out about 4 hand prints out of construction paper, and eyes out of the sticky back foam pieces.

The beak is foam as well. Cut like you see here, large part on outside and tip of beak part on inside.

turkey crafts

Fold it in half leaving the ends open so that will stick to the glass itself. Just use a few pieces of tape to put the hands on the back of your jar and you’re almost done.

Small electric tea lights can be found at your local craft store and they already come with the battery inside them and everything. Use a coupon, buy larger packs and they’re only about 50 cents each.

That’s how you make this easy craft! Add to your Thanksgiving decor with some homemade burlap garland and enjoy.

Easy glowing turkey

DIY Crafts

Now of course you can decorate your home with store bought items. Pumpkins, Indian corn, and a pretty table runner will do the trick. BUT handmade from your kids is always way better right?

Below are a lot of Thanksgiving crafts for kids they will enjoy. Most do not require a lot of help from adults, but a few will.

Let us know which ones turn out to be your favorites!

Easy Thanksgiving turkey craft for kids.

Easy Thanksgiving crafts

Thanksgiving BINGO printable here is free and so fun for all ages.

We use this Thanksgiving word search year after year together too.

Turkey napkin rings are easy craft projects for little ones to help with too.

Easy Thanksgiving crafts

Need a really Simple turkey art craft? Try this one this year. OR opt for this cute Milk carton Mayflower activity.

Last year we made yarn pumpkins with licorice to create tic tac toe boards. Inexpensive and yummy at the end too.

yarn pumpkin craft

Want to see a few of my favorite things you might want to write on your Christmas list this year??!! 😉 Take a peek and see how many you might already have…twinsies!

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