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Zion National Park Utah

This is why we love Zion National Park Utah! From a family who travels often we’ll share where to stay and what to do when you visit this beautiful Utah National Park. A beautiful area to visit on vacation with your kids and there’s lots to do that is free!

zion national park utah

We just got back from going on a road trip for a week to a few places including Zion National Park Utah! If you’ve never been there is SO much to do there and it is absolutely gorgeous. Even my kids couldn’t get enough of it. Added to our road trip blog as one of our favorite trips! (originally published 8/16)

I start off by sharing this picture because it was the BEST time there! The Narrows as they call it inside Zion National Park Utah is really awesome. You start off by parking at the visitor center.

Everyone gets on a free tram that takes you around the park and lets you off at 12 different spots. This is near the end of the route. Once you get off you walk a bit and once the path ends, THIS is what you see!!

What is special about Zion National Park Utah

  • Free tram inside the park
  • Lots of hiking trails
  • Beautiful scenery
  • The Narrows where you can take a dip
  • Wildlife roaming freely
  • Great visitor center

Close to other National Parks so you can visit several in a short period of time.

zion national park

Where to stay near Zion National Park

And how to save money on our family vacation too:

  • We highly recommend the family friendly resort called Zion Ponderosa!
    • It is very reasonably priced.
    • They have lots of activities right on site.
    • There are hiking trails into the National Park from their property. 
    • When renting a cabin there it includes free breakfast for everyone.
    • It is centrally located so you can visit the Grand Canyon and Bryce Canyon Utah as well.

Just a tip – if you have a 4th grader or soon to be 4th grader you can also snag a free National Parks pass for your entire family. This will save you the $25 entrance fee per park. 😉

zion canyon

Zion National Park Weeping Rock

The first stop we got off was Weeping Rock, I will show you why it’s called that in a minute. We packed a picnic lunch in our backpacks as well as our swimsuits (to enjoy The Narrows) and ate here….what a view right??!!

There’s a pathway to the top where the rock opens up and water from the top of the mountain is “weeping” or dripping down (quite a bit), and on the platform this is your view!

zion national park utah

Zion National Park Utah Observation Point

It’s hard to see just how much but you can see how we it is at the bottom.

I highly recommend any of the best National Parks for kids. Take as many vacations as possible while they’re young, they make for wonderful memories for each and every one of you!

observation point utah

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