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How to Make Cute Cupcakes

Cute cupcakes you can make at home or for a Birthday party. From octopus, to ladybug cupcakes these are the cutest cupcakes you’ll find! 


We have made a lot of cute cupcakes at home, and just love coming up with new ones! My blogger friends and I came together to share a few of our cutest cupcake creations to share with all of you so you can try to make them too! Let us know what your favorites are! (originally published 6/16, affiliate links present)

Cute Birthday Party Cupcakes

Throwing a little boy or girl birthday party and you want some OOhhhhhs and Aahhhhhhs? OR is it a rainy day and want some fun with the kiddos. Use our 6 cupcake recipe to make a few and have fun with them.

Cute Cupcake Ideas

The easiest is to make rainbow cupcakes. Just frost white and then pipe the roygbp patten on the top. Perfect for a rainbow birthday party idea.

  1. Ladybug cupcakes are the best with little princesses
  2. Owl cupcakes are just a hoot if you know what I mean
  3. Cupcakes in a jar are great for a baby shower or adult party too, like Wicked Good Cupcakes but cheaper
  4. Monkey cupcakes (could be seen as bear cupcakes) we have made
  5. Spider cupcakes from This Silly’s Girl’s Kitchen
  6. Sheep cupcakes you can see below for Easter

You can make all of these in the regular size or this is how long to bake mini cupcakes which could be even cuter.

cute-cupcakes (1)

Cute as a Cupcake

You can make our sundae cupcakes that are baked in waffle cone cups like ice cream cupcakes. An easy way to make light and fluffy dessert cups for kids birthdays. Use chocolate or red velvet mix to fill and top with ice cream. We have even more ideas from our blogger friends too though like:

  1. Cookie Monster cupcakes from The Cupcake Diaries
  2. Polar Bear cupcakes from A Few Shortcuts
  3. Beehive cupcakes from Sugar Spice and Glitter
  4. Turtle flavored cupcakes chocolate cupcakes with caramel and nuts, could add chocolate chips inside too
  5. Turkey cupcakes from Home is Where the Boat is
  6. Octopus cupcakes from The First Year

Graduation cupcakes we made for my daughter a few years ago. These were super fun and great for both boys and girls. Make for Kindergarten graduation or High School gradation desserts.

cute cupcake ideas

How do you make pretty cupcakes

The best is to use pastry bags with a tip, you can decorate and fill Green Cupcakes a bunch of ways with different tips. If you want a much cheaper way you can just use a pint size freezer bags. Add frosting inside and snip the corner off. Then squeeze out so it comes out pretty so you can decorate it for your occasion.

I mean you can do the same thing to make a cupcake wedding cake really. You know those were there are 24-48 next to each other on a pallet. Spread frosting on top of them all so it looks like a cake. Then decorate as you would like but when served you just pull them apart so no cutting is required!

Birthday Cupcake Ideas

These are all easy cupcakes that you could go all out on to decorate Pinterest worthy or a bit simpler. During the summer months you can get away with making fresh strawberry cupcakes or just some blueberries on top with some ready made frosting!

If you love our roundup of super cute cupcakes you should check out all of the cupcake recipes on our site including this one when throwing an art birthday party!

Cute cupcakes

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SugarSpiceAndGlitter (@SugarSpiceGlitr)

Tuesday 13th of September 2016

Thanks for including my Beehive cupcakes - those are all such cute ideas!!!


Saturday 25th of June 2016

Those are all very cute cupcakes. My son would love the cookie monster one. Thanks for sharing the ideas.

The Typical Mom

Sunday 3rd of July 2016

Those are cute

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