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Art Themed Birthday Party

An art themed birthday party is perfect for boys and girls and inexpensive to put together! Here are a few fun party ideas including palette cupcakes, games, and art party favors that are perfect for artistic kids of all ages. This and our camping themed birthday party post has been hugely popular.

art themed birthday party

If you have multiple children it is nice to come up with a few different birthday party ideas. With 3 kids ourselves we have done it all, from going to pizza parlors to home birthday parties and we prefer ideas that are creative but aren’t too difficult. Here is an easy idea for an art birthday party and a few decoration ideas + games you can play too! (affiliate links present)

Art Birthday Party

Along with ease we like ideas that are inexpensive so that they can invite as many friends as they’d like and the cost isn’t a problem.

This first idea was Pinterest inspired and you can create art palette cupcakes + let the kids design them (I came up with an edible brush too)! First you will need to bake some cupcakes.

I am all about easy so I use white cake mix, here is a recipe for just 6 cupcakes using a box of cake mix if you are just doing this for an art afternoon and not a large party.

art themed party

Art Theme Party

I just fill pint sized freezer bags with colored frosting and cut the corner off to decorate the cupcakes and the edible paintbrush is a straight pretzel with a piece of jumbo red licorice cut so that it looks like a paint brush.

The palette is just a piece of cardboard so that is cheap. You can draw it on and let them cut it out or have them cut out beforehand. Use crafting supplies to decorate it as another party activity. Provide a variety of colors with paint or markers to decorate with paint splatters and pictures they love.

Here’s a quick rundown

Art Themed Birthday Party

Here is another fun art craft to do with the kiddos that is inexpensive and fun to do, all you need are small canvases and paints. You can use watercolors or acrylic paints. There are watercolor art projects and a video to show you how to create it here.

If you like our ideas for an inexpensive and fun art themed birthday party, check out our cheap girl birthday party ideas.

art birthday party

Art Themed Party

As for food and treats the choices are endless. You should really keep them colorful though since color is part of the theme and all. We have made rainbow rice krispy treats before which were always a huge hit. Color dips and serve with nuggets for lunch. Ketchup is already red, mayo is white, and you can color fry sauce blue for a patriotic punch.

How do you make a themed birthday party?

1. Choose a theme
2. Set the date, time and location
3. Send invitations
4. Make or buy decorations
5. Create activities and entertainment for guests
6. Come up with a music playlist according to your party theme
7. Capture memories with your phone and set out disposable cameras for guests
8. Enjoy yourself

What are some birthday party themes?

1. We share an art themed birthday party here
2. Throw a fiesta
3. 80’s and 90’s parties are fun for adults
4. Superhero parties are popular with girls and boys under 10
5. Sports themed parties are great for all ages

Beyond these think outside of the box. Whatever you or your child are obsessed with is a great excuse to use that as your party theme! Go with that, and go all out. If you come up with an idea that works well with your friends let us know.

Art themed birthday party
art themed party

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