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Best Instant Pot Recipes of 2018

Here are the top 10 Best Instant Pot Recipes of 2018 on The Typical Mom blog! If you’re looking for the most popular dinners and desserts they’re here!

Best Instant Pot Recipes of 2018Did you get a pressure cooker for Christmas or another occasion and looking for the best Instant Pot recipes around? Well here are the best Instant Pot recipes of 2018 for you to try!

I know there are a ton of pressure cooker recipes out there you can make for dinner, lunch or dessert. But, if you’re new you’ll want to start with the best. Thousands of others have tried these and given them a resounding thumbs up!

Why I created the Best Instant Pot Recipes of 2018 post for you.

instant pot recipes


  • Step by step directions are a must
  • Instant Pot videos are very helpful so you can watch me make each dish before you attempt it. Most of my recipes have videos in the post.
  • A good resource is helpful, liking my free Easy Instant Pot Recipes page will be great for you
  • Bookmarking on your computer, and pinning a HUGE roundup of Instant Pot recipes <——do that right now so you don’t forget. This will give you enough ideas for months.
  • You need to know the basic Instant Pot accessories to get, and which ones are a waste of money

instant pot macaroni and cheese

If you’ve followed The Typical Mom on Facebook at all you know how obsessed I am with this fancy multi cooker. I also love sharing new recipes each and every wee.

I looked up my stats and had 14 MILLION page views!

These were the best Instant Pot recipes of 2018!

most popular instant pot recipes

These are the best Instant Pot recipes of 2018 in order of popularity

  • No surprise that the first pressure cooker recipes I ever made are the top 5!

It’s nice that there is a variety. From snacks to meals and 2 Instant Pot dessert recipes too, you could enjoy these for a good 2 weeks and not get tired of them.

instant pot rice pudding

    1. Roundup of Instant Pot recipes has over 100 pressure cooker recipes I’ve created myself, this post in itself would keep you busy with something new for months!
    2. Instant Pot spaghetti is a recipe we still use once a week and is great to have on hand on really busy nights! 
    3. Our easy Instant Pot chili is a dump and go meal that has TONS of flavor and only 5 basic ingredients!
    4. This fun Instant Pot popcorn was our very first easy Instant Pot recipe we ever did and a fun experiment to do with your kids.
    5. Hearty Instant Pot potato corn chowder is a fantastic comfort food that you’ll want to make over and over again. 
  1. instant pot popcorn 
    1. Inspired by a trip to Utah, this Instant Pot butter chicken is something I created and is oh so good.
    2. Instant Pot rice pudding recipe is our very favorite dessert made in our Instant Pot.
    3. Spicy honey Instant Pot chicken is sweet with a bit of spice to it. Served on top of rice it’s a winner.
    4. Sweet Instant Pot apple crisp takes just 1 minute to cook and tastes just like the baked apples at Cracker Barrel.
    5. Classic Instant Pot macaroni and cheese rounds up our top 10 best Instant Pot recipes of 2018!

Other popular information that came out this year was on how to cook frozen meat in your Instant Pot

      • More on that information below……

best instant pot recipes

If you are looking for Ninja Foodi recipes we have those too, but they’re interchangeable. The most popular Instant Pot recipes for 2019 is here too.

For more easy recipes, tips and free printables please LIKE The Typical Mom on Facebook and follow me on Pinterest! You can also sign up for my free weekly newsletter which is packed with goodies I know you’ll love. 😉

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