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Tips for Carving Pumpkins & Preserving Them

Here are some helpful tips for carving pumpkins and preserving them so they last a long time using this solution!

how to preserve pumpkins

When it comes to Halloween it is surely full of excitement and planning. Visiting pumpkin patches are the best, and we love to visit different ones to see what each one has to offer and of course pumpkins! Here are some helpful tips for carving pumpkins and how to preserve pumpkins as well. (originally published 8/13)

  • One thing my kids love doing is picking out just the right pumpkin once October arrives, and desperately want to be the one to put the candle in and turn it into something fantastic.

Since 2 out of 3 are still a bit young to be carving, I like them to take part in some of it, and here is where this tip comes in.

  • It is tricky to allow a child to light a candle with the traditional cutting off the top of the pumpkin.
  • This requires even a steady adult hand to maneuver a lit match into the candle below.

Even lighting it first and then trying to lower it into that slender opening at the top leaves fingers a bit warm, so here is some help.

the best way to carve a pumpkin

Tips for carving pumpkins

  • Instead of cutting all the way around in a circle at the top of a pumpkin, cut down on the back side in a rectangular shape like you see below (you won’t be able to tell once it’s face is carved & the top is put back on).
  • Clean pumpkin seeds, discard pulp, then make air fryer pumpkin seeds for a healthy snack.
  • Or roast in the oven for homemade pumpkin seeds.
  • Then you can place a tea light right in and light it with plenty of room for your hand to reach in straight, then place the top right back on. 😉
best way to carve a pumpkin
  • Another way is the cut a whole in the bottom of the pumpkin as you see above and in this video below.
  • Then scoop out the insides, spray with the solution shown below to preserve them as long as possible
  • Place 1-2 flameless tea lights on the bottom and lower the top back on
  • These are best for kids and are inexpensive to buy too…no worries about blowing them out at the end of the night either.
  • If you want to have some added fun you should try cooking a pumpkin! Takes just 15 minutes and then you can make homemade pumpkin butter and pumpkin zucchini muffins.

Best way to carve pumpkins

If you want your pumpkins to last as long as possible make this simple solution below and spray inside so it won’t wilt right after you carve it!

Tips for carving pumpkins

How to preserve pumpkins

  1. Remove dirt-wipe the outside of the pumpkin using a damp cloth.
  2. Make a bleach solution using 1 tbs. of bleach for every 4 cups of water. Put it in a spray bottle.
  3. Spray the pumpkin inside and on any cut areas of the pumpkin with this mixture.  It will kill a lot of the bacteria. This will mean that it will take longer to create mold and eventually rotting.
  4. Let it dry for 20 minutes or so
  5. Rub all of the cut areas with vaseline. This will help keep the mold away longer and  slow down the shrinking  pumpkin you see after it’s been cut
  6. Wipe away extra vaseline and spray solution with a paper towel.
  7. Keep your pumpkin out of harsh sun, in the shade, and try to keep it as cool as possible. This will help preserve your pumpkins for longer than just a few days if you didn’t do anything at all
How to preserve your pumpkins

When you’re done with this and ready for some yummy and fun Halloween fun try these!

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