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Best Temecula Hiking Trails

Here are tons of great Temecula hiking trails and areas to ride bikes in Murrieta and in Southern California. If you’re looking for the best hiking places in Temecula and the Murrieta here is a list we have enjoyed with kids and without. From hard to easy trails they are all great with fantastic views.

temecula hiking trails

There are many Temecula hiking trails, and some just outside the city that are fabulous too. Hiking is a great free activity you can do with your kids, and since we have so many great areas around here you don’t have to travel far to get some good use out of those hiking boots! (originally published 1/17)

You can find where to camp in Temecula as well as a list of what to bring when hiking with kids here. Within Temecula and just outside there are some great areas to take walks, and hike around. 

We have taken our children several times and they can’t get enough. Some locations have spots to camp as well so you could make a weekend or trip out of it too. Enjoy yourself when you’re hiking in Temecula!

hiking with kids

Temecula Hiking Trails

  • Tips: When you start out make sure you have comfortable shoes, my faves are from Patagonia here, and I would suggest bringing or getting a Camelbak type hydrating system that you can carry on your back (we have one for our kids too so they don’t have to share and have a pouch to carry snacks). Bring something to snack on, and of course wear sunscreen and/or wear a hat and sunglasses….these things make our hiking journeys a lot more pleasant, especially with kids!!
  • Santa Rosa Plateau Ecological Preserve is probably one of the most popular places to hike in the area just because it is just so amazingly beautiful. No matter what time of year you go it is breathtaking and has great hiking opportunities too.
  • Lake Skinner offers some great open areas to walk around. There aren’t many steep hiking areas persay but if you are looking for just a nice long and pretty walk out in the open and a picnic Lake Skinner is a great open area. There is a splash pad there during certain months of the year and is only $3 per person to get in.
  • Dripping Springs Campground has hills surrounding it with great trails that aren’t too tough, but a beautiful view once you reach the higher points. It’s just $5 to park.

If you have a free National Park pass for the yr. you can use that instead of paying for parking here. The picture below is from Dripping Springs trails (it was wet and rainy that day).

dripping springs temecula
  • Vail Lake  is a great place to hike around, ride bikes (especially mountain bikes…there are great trails here for riding at Vail too), and go for long walks.
  • If you’re looking for an easy walking area that is beautiful and not strenuous Julian and the areas in Idyllwild are great for walking around.
  • There are many trails people have mapped out in Temecula on a site called Map My Hike too. Here people can log the trail they took, it shows you on a map on this site, tells you how long it took them, the elevation, and distance. Pretty good resource!
  • If you’re looking to take a nice long walk or hike with your pooch there are 7 different locations in Temecula and 5 in Murrieta where they welcome pets! A site here called BringFido let’s you know about locations in your area who welcome animals as you explore their location!
  • There are also trails within Temecula in and thru neighborhoods that are great for long walks or riding bikes (especially for little ones practicing their bike riding skills). Here is a look at the map, you can print a copy of it here. Thanks to City of Temecula for providing this information. 😉

Temecula now has an additional resource for hikers and bikers on their new website here!

hiking in temecula
City of Temecula picture and map
  • Hurkey Creek is a great place to take long hikes. In the San Jacinto mountains you will be surrounded by trees and wild life.
    • Great scenery here and gets you away from it all. Has a campground nearby as well. One of our favorite Temecula hiking trails.
  • Palomar Mountain State Park is a great area. The best part is the observatory at the very top. Take a hike up there and explore that facility as well, a real treat!
palomar observatory
  • Warner Springs is a great resort if you are looking to stay a while, stay in your RV, golf, as well as enjoying their bicycle and hiking trails there. It isn’t too far away yet lets you get away from it all and enjoy the outdoors while not having a long road trip to get there.
  • If you’re looking to travel a bit south, Daley Ranch in Escondido offers over 20 miles of great hiking trails. It isn’t too far but just outside our city limits and a nice place to visit and explore!

If you’re looking to stay close, The City of Murrieta has a great map of hiking and walking trails within their city limits.

They have provided a printable map here when you’re looking for somewhere to go in Murrieta!

hiking in murrieta

If you have any other great Temecula hiking trails let me know so I can add them to the list. Here is another post of mine with activities to do with kids.

free activities in temecula

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Shana Gorian

Tuesday 5th of January 2016

Thanks for the awesome post! I am always looking for good places to walk and hike nearby!

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