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Cheap Activities to do With Kids

Here are a list of some fun and cheap activities to do with kids that you both will love! For less than ten dollars a day you can have a lot of fun doing crafts and spending some time outside! Here are ways to connect with your children and have fun for less during the summertime and year round!

Cheap Activities to do With Kids

Do you have a School break coming up and you’re worried about finding enough activities to do with kids that are inexpensive but still fun? I have a list of 10 great ideas. Whether Spring break or Summertime is approaching I know I am not alone in wondering “what am I going to do with the kids every day?” Here are some fun ideas that cost less than $10 a day to do! (originally published 5/16)

Cheap Activities to do With Kids

  • Day one – Hiking, or you can call it a long walk. No matter where you live there are always hikes somewhere.

Look online thru the city you live in and they will usually have a list of trails or nature preserves (like this one) you can enjoy for free or for just a few dollars a person.

activities to do with kids

Now before your kids are out of School you’ll want to start planning your activities to do with kids so you’re prepared! There’s nothing worse than hearing “so what are we doing today” over and over again with no ideas in mind.

Have fun with your kids for free

First stock up on all the snacks, water, and already made sandwiches so you’re ready for the 10 or more days ahead. Here’s a list of what you need for our 10 days of frugal fun so you can stock up at the store.

  1. Water
  2. Smucker’s ® Uncrutables® (I’m all about easy and these are PERFECT for on the go days)
  3. Crackers (snack time)
  4. Jif to Go® peanut butter (pair with your crackers for snack time)
  5. Construction paper
  6. Washable markers or crayons
  7. Family movie or dollar summer movies
  8. Board game
  9. Sand bucket(s)
  10. Sunscreen
  11. Sunglasses
  12. Umbrella – for the beach
  13. Hand sanitizer
  14. Band aids – just in case
Free activities to do with your kids

Day two – Go for a walk or to the park together. While you’re there (or when you’re on your hike) find small branches lying on the ground. We will use these for an activity on another day.

Kids activities on a budget

  • Day three – Go to a local beach or lake. Take sand buckets, pack a picnic and even invite friends for a fun day together. These are activities to do with kids that can be repeated weekly. Visit a new spot on a new beach, or take a drive and find a new lake!
  • Day four – Visit a family member or friend you haven’t seen in a while. It is always fun to spend the day with someone new. Think of a friend who lives relatively close who maybe has kids the same age and make a day of it.
  • Day five – Have a movie afternoon. Grab a movie from one of their $5 bins. They always have tons to choose from, pop some popcorn and have a picnic on a blanket in the living room while you take a day to rest.
  • Day six – Go Geocaching! If you’ve never heard of it it is totally free and you will be amazed at the new places in your city you will find, and the trinkets your kids will find. Just Google geocaching and you can find out all about it. 😉

Day seven – Make a craft! Use those small sticks you found and create some hand art like this fun little owl! All you need is some construction paper, tape, and we used foam with sticky on one side for the feet, beak, and eyes though you could use crayons or markers for those too.

Just paint their hands with washable or edible fingerpaint, or trace their hands and have them color inside with brown to create the owl outline.

Tape your branches on and you’re done! Take a snack out with you while you’re creating it and have fun in the backyard while you’re waiting for the paint to dry. You can see the final project at the bottom of this post. Here are some other handprint art ideas.

activities to do with kids

What should I do with my family on a budget

Day eight – Take a bike ride. Find a bike riding trail in your city or just go around your neighborhood a time or two to get out of the house.

  • Once again you can pair this with a picnic and blanket so when you find an open area or a park you can stop and enjoy your lunch.
  • Day nine – Have a game day. I know your kids have tons of games they probably haven’t played in months. Take them out, or pick up a new one and have a game day. YOU play with them.
  • That is what they want, your attention. Believe me, it will take you back to your own childhood. Our favorite game that many people haven’t heard of it Qwirkle!

Day ten – Go swimming. Almost every city has a pool you can access for free or for a very minimal cost.

  • Look online and find the times they are open and go visit! Or….make plans with a friend who has a pool and offer to bring the snacks and have a fun day with friends!
Owl hand print art

This is our second year in a row where we’ve done a summer staycation so we have cheap activities for kids! What do you like to do when your kids are out of School?

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