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Idyllwild California

Why you and your family should visit Idyllwild California. Things to do for kids and where you should go once you get there. Visit Lake Hemet with your kids and make a day of it on a road trip or weekend stay in a local hotel.

Idyllwild California

We love taking short and long road trips with our kids. This is a short destination for us since we live about 45 minutes from Idyllwild California but nevertheless we love how beautiful it is, and it is a great place to walk around and let the kids roam! Let me show you around.

Idyllwild California

If you have never heard of the little quaint town of Idyllwild California it is really cute! We love great little towns where we can find a quaint Mom and Pop restaurant to eat at, a candy store for the kids, and lots of areas for the kids to find pine cones and run around. Idyllwild has all of that.

Right outside Idyllwild California is Lake Hemet which we usually stop by either before or after our drive so the kids can run around and skip rocks.

Lake Hemet

Idyllwild lake

Idyllwild California Map

If you want to take a peek at an Idyllwild California map there is one here you can print or just look at to plan your visit. It shows you where is Idyllwild and things to see around there.

There are several little places to eat but the one we found was near the spot where we parked and had great burgers and kids meals too. A coffee shop was nearby and we did a little discovering along the way after our meal.

Idyllwild, California

The kids always want to hit the candy store to see what is new…what’s new right. Even I am a sucker for suckers!! It is a cute little hole in the wall with handmade goodies and old fashioned candies to boot.


If you have never visited Idyllwild California I really suggest making the drive. There are places to camp nearby, like at Lake Hemet, and the kids love every bit of being outdoors and free to roam and collect “treasures” in places like this.


For directions and other information about Idyllwild visit their website.  Another place we love which is very similar to Idyllwild is called Julian, California! If you’ve ever been to Julian you will agree that it is really something special just like Idyllwild in Southern California.

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Tuesday 17th of May 2022

Don't forget jazz in the Pines.

Chad Dover

Wednesday 24th of June 2015

You mentioned a place to eat, but didnt give the name of the place, Same with the candy store, coffee place or the shopping places.


Sunday 10th of April 2016

Red Kettle for breakfast and lunch. Then to The Gastronome for a wonderful dinner!

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