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Free Summertime Screen Time Printable

Free Summertime screen time printable that helps limit the time your kids are on the computer or on their phones when they need to be playing and using their imaginations.

screen time printable

Yes I am very aware I can take all electronics away from my kids during the summer but there can be a good balance. This year I created this summertime screen time printable to help us at our house, and thought I’d share it with y’all too. 

  • Do you struggle to keep a good balance of activities for kids, with downtime at home – screen free during the summer months? I do.

It may be because I work full time from home too. I cannot take 3 solid months off of work, but I also do not want my kids attached to a screen while I work, so this year we’re trying something new.

This is a way you can integrate education and screen time.

topps app

Fun Summer Activities

  1. Before summer arrives I print a calendar.
  2. We fill it in first with any road trips we have planned.
  3. Then we add in the dollar summer movie schedules we want to see.
  4. Include a few days of free bowling and free roller skating.
  5. Summer activities for teens are integrated and we go from there.

** BUT this year I am adding these summertime screen time printable requirements! <——Feel free to print 1 or more for your household here too.

Why?? Because I want to make sure we have a good balance of vacation, summer activities, and playing outside! Then screen time would be allowed.


What else can you add to your list of screen time printable requirements?

Well just about anything. There is room at the bottom to add something specific like:

Free Summer Activities

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.