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How to Make Fluffy Slime with 3 Ingredients

How to make fluffy slime with 3 ingredients and no borax! Fun kid safe slime recipe that feels soft and you can make any color you like. If you loved learning How to make slime with glue your kids are going to love this one too!

how to make fluffy slime

Yes my kids are obsessed with how to make fluffy slime and they’ve made many times, textures, colors, and are here to show you how to make fluffy slime. It is a very easy recipe to follow and create something fun that is safe for kids. We have many more listed on the best way to make slime page on our site too! (affiliate links present)

Fluffy Slime with 3 Ingredients

This summer my kids were crazy about trying this with that and made a few really popular slime recipes that we shared with you earlier that many have had a lot of fun with.

Now that the school year has begun they don’t have as much time to experiment but The Typical Kids are always up to something creative and love sharing fun projects here with their “virtual friends”. 😉 Make sure safety precautions are taken when any experimentation is done with children, read our safety disclaimer here. Our popular slime recipes on The Typical Mom are:

elmers glitter glue slime

How to Make Fluffy Slime

It is the soft texture that everyone loves with this one. You likely have all the items at home in your cupboard and it is borax free which is great.

  1. Laundry detergent slime
  2. How to make edible slime
  3. Easy baking soda slime recipe
  4. *Now* – How to make fluffy slime!

Here is what you will need for this easy fluffy slime recipe:

Food coloring (optional, white is just as fun)

Keep this in mind….this is NOT an exact science and that is OK because creating slime is almost more fun than playing with it for kids. These basic instructions will guide you and them on how to make fluffy slime easily so it turns out looking similar to what she has created here. You do not need to add food coloring and if you don’t it will just be white.

how to make fluffy slime 2

Fluffy Slime Recipe

If your kids are little I would suggest not bothering with the food coloring because in the process it does slightly stain their hands and of course if they get it on their clothing there is really no great way to get that out.

Here are the basic instructions on how to make fluffy slime easily, play around with the amounts until you get the consistency you want! 😉

  1. Empty your bottle of glue into a bowl (using a disposable bowl is great if you have one)
  2. Spray a little more shaving cream than you have glue into your bowl (about 6 oz. of it)
  3. Mix together well

Add 1 tbsp of contact solution (we don’t measure we just squeeze from the bottle) in at a time stirring in between until you get the desired fluffy slime consistency you want.

Contact solution will help bind it so keep adding a bit at a time until you can pick it up and play with it easily. That is how to make easy fluffy slime.

how to make fluffy slime 3

Shaving Cream Slime

I will say that I have felt all the different types of slime they have made and this one really does feel good. Put out a flat cutting board and let them smoosh it and break it apart. Mash it and pull pull it all they want. It makes for an inexpensive and fun afternoon.

Once you’ve made this one check out our other slime recipes above and try one of those too. Many do not contain borax and one is even edible too!

Do you have a slime recipe your kids love and make often that is different from ours….we’d love to hear and see what it is!! Next make slime without borax!

slime without borax 2

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Slime with 3 Ingredients

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Thursday 28th of September 2023

does it even feel good? it looks sooooo fake!

Stacey Moorehead

Friday 28th of June 2019

How many batches will the ingredients make? Trying to shop for a birthday party of about 12 kids.

The Typical Mom

Saturday 29th of June 2019

It depends on how much you want them to make. She makes this for one batch for her to play with but suppose you could share that batch with 2 kids.


Monday 3rd of December 2018



Monday 3rd of December 2018



Sunday 29th of October 2017

Ummm...the reason contact solution works is because it has borax in it.


Friday 2nd of February 2018

It’s actually boric acid, serving the same purpose (chemical reaction) but not actually powder Borax. Serves as a reasonable alternative.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.