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Free Printable Fathers Day Card

Free printable Fathers Day card for your kids to color and design for that special day. Lots of free Fathers Day color page printables for Dad plus treats and dads day ideas he will love that don’t cost any money at all.

Free printable Fathers Day cards for your kids to color and design for that special day. Lots of free printables for Dad here.

So Father’s Day is approaching and we just don’t do store bought cards around here, homemade is the way to go! Yes we have whipped out the construction paper and made our own, but sometimes it’s fun to find a free printable Fathers Day card to color at home too and write a special note inside. One of our holiday printables we share with you. (links to retailer sites, affiliate links present – originally published 6/16)

Printable Fathers Day cards

I used to be a Teacher and was always looking for free printables for my students. Then with 3 daughters I always looked for ways to save money while still having fun with my kids. When I started blogging I added all the things I wish I had found back in those days on my site. Now I can share them all with you.

  • Want a simple printable card for your kids to design?
  • That is really what’s important on those days right??
  • I have always appreciated fill in the blank, designed by my kids cards so I though y’all might too.

This encompasses it all and lets your kids be creative. 

Free printable Father's Day Card

Fathers Day Printable Card

The biggest thing is that your child is involved in the process. Parents, both moms and dads appreciate the effort, it doesn’t matter what it looks like.

For older kids they may appreciate more of a delicate touch like the one you see below. For younger kids that might be frustrating so a coloring page for dads would be more appropriate.

  • The only thing provided is the outline of the face (and ears) and the words.
  • It also has bubble letters on the back that says Happy Father’s Day you can color in and write a sweet note inside!
  • Or you can use this pop up heart card that is popular
  • A third idea would be to give them one of our many different color by number free printables. There are tons of different pictures to choose from like dinosaurs, pets, flowers and more. They can follow the key and color the picture. Then write a sweet note on the back if they like and make a card out of that if they’d prefer.

    Pop Up Heart Card

    Fathers Day Treats

    If you’re looking for more ways to treat him, check out our Father’s Day cupcakes. Easy to make and perfect for Dads! Have a game night and enjoy the day together with gifts and treats. Let him pick his favorite movie (even if it isn’t something any of you want to watch, do it).

    Another fun YUM is to make a surprise inside cake with a hidden heart inside. This is easy to do and you can actually just use cake mix to do it. A darker color cake is used for the inner surprise shape and a lighter one surrounds it so that really pops out.

    Plan an outing together you think he would enjoy like maybe a put put day, afternoon at the beach with a picnic, hike by the lake if that is his love. Brainstorm with your kids the week or so before and see what y’all can come up with. It doesn’t have to cost much, or anything at all, to put a smile on his face. It is ALL about the effort, period.

    Golf cupcakes

    I hope we gave you a few ideas to get you going on this special dads day, well beyond just the free Fathers Day card sheet linked for you above.

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