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How to Make Pop Up Heart Card

This is how to make a pretty Valentine’s Day pop up heart card that is perfect for Mother’s Day or just a fun craft for kids too. Making paper flowers is simple using this technique and you can create any shape you like to make a fun pop up card for a loved one or friend.

Pop Up Heart Card 8

If you’re looking to make a paper pop up heart card as a craft or for a holiday this is an easy tutorial on how it is done. With just paper and some glue you can make a pretty flower heart card for Valentine’s Day or just because. It is a great craft for kids that they can make without many materials and is quite cheap to do too. (originally published 11/21, affiliate links present)

Homemade Valentines Day Card

Simple but pretty and a great activity for kids of all ages. You don’t have to only make this one for Valentine’s Day either. Kids love this shape all year round and it makes an easy craft for kids they can make in the classroom or at home.

Use any colors of paper you have on hand but typically pinks and purples make a great combination together for this one.

Pop Up Heart Card

How to make a 3D card

For step by step directions look at the pictures below. You start here with just a circle cut out of a piece of paper, then cut a swirl starting on the outside, inward.

Then begin to roll that swirl starting on the outside all the way to the middle to create these little paper flowers that when glued together closely on to your heart (or other shape) creates a pretty pop up card look that will impress anyone.

Pop Up Heart Card 2
Pop Up Heart Card 4
Pop Up Heart Card 5

How to Make a Paper Flower

Here are the steps above and photos showing you how to make a paper flower for your pop up heart card. I will explain step by step in detail below.

Time needed: 10 minutes

How to Make Pop Up Heart Card

  1. Cut

    Take a small piece of colored craft paper and cut it into a spiral as you see above. Grab the spiral paper and start to roll it from its outer edge inward. Keep rolling the spiral pattern until it reaches the center, tightly.

  2. Glue

    Apply glue on the center area of the spiral pattern, which now should be below the rolled pattern. Press the roll with the center to make sure that it is secure and the glue is within the center area. Make around 20 roses using this method.

  3. Shape

    Cut out a heart with paper and glue it on to a folded paper that has folded into a card. Glue the rolled roses starting on the outside on to your paper heart. Keep them as tight as possible as it will look full and pretty.

  4. Dry

    Allow to completely dry before writing inside.

Pop Up Heart Card 6

Looking for fun Valentines Day desserts?

Try Valentine Bingo for a party too.

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Sunday 7th of June 2020

All of your ideas are so cute and needed. Are you in CA?

The Typical Mom

Monday 8th of June 2020

Not anymore

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