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Chuck E Cheese Coupons

Here are Chuck E Cheese coupons for tokens and food to use at your local restaurant, there are reward calendars too to get FREE tokens here too.

Chuck E Cheese Birthday Party Packages 2Chuck E Cheese coupons are great to save money and they also have a great rewards program for the summer, and throughout the school year too! I use them each summer to keep my little ones motivated. There are a variety of calendars you can use, and each time they fill one up they can bring it in for 5 FREE tokens! Just remember that you must print out and bring in one calendar per child (tried to reduce paper once by printing one for both girls and only got 5 total tokens instead of 5 per child). (originally published 11/15)

Not only are we here to share online Chuck E Cheese coupons you can download, but to also share their rewards program!

AND share our experience when my daughter celebrated with one of their Chuck E Cheese birthday parties there too!

Here’s an added bonus….during report card season children can get a few tokens for every A or B on their sheet!

  • Bring in their report card and get 40 tickets automatically.

chuck e cheese coupons

HERE are all the Chuck E Cheese reward calendars that you can print out, an example is shown above from the past….enjoy!

Chuck E Cheese Birthday Party Packages 6

No need to print, just show on your smartphone!

Once you’ve had some fun here you should try some other inexpensive things on our summer to do list of fun like:


chuck e cheese coupons

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