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Kenny’s Strawberry Farm Temecula

Kenny’s Strawberry Farm Temecula is where you can pick your own strawberries and have a picnic! A bit South in San Diego County it is close, in Fallbrook and great for field trips too. Here are our photos and a review of why you should visit and how it’s one of the most popular Things to do With Kids in Temecula.

Kenny’s Strawberry Farm Temecula

Did you know about Kenny’s strawberry farm Temecula location??!! It is actually right outside the city in Fallbrook. They are open for the season! There’s actually more things than strawberries. You can bring your family to experience the process of choosing the veggies or fruits you want.

Where Can You Go Strawberry Picking in Temecula?

Strawberry picking season is probably the most fun at this Strawberry Farm Temecula location (actually technically Fallbrook). Season begins March 14th this year, so much fun! You just pay by the basket and pick the ones that look the sweetest with your sweets! 😉 This farm also offers tours, is a great location for field trips, and hosts Birthday parties too!

Bring them home and make all sorts of things like homemade jam or pie. They’re opening March 3rd this year so get ready!

Where are the best strawberries in San Diego County?

Kenny’s offers a great weekend or Spring Break fun activity to do with your kids or whole family. You can find their strawberry farm at; 953 Rainbow Valley Blvd, Fallbrook California 92028. There are picnic benches right outside of these long strawberry patches you see here too so you can bring a lunch. Spend the afternoon with friends and eat your berries right after they’ve been picked.

Strawberry Farm temecula

What is strawberry season in California?

I mean it is warm year round here so you could grow these year round yourself. As for farms though they focus on opening up in the early Spring and Fall months so plan to visit then. You can also do the same thing in Orange County at Tanaka Farms if you want to try something else new and take a bit of a drive.

What city in California is best known for strawberries?

If you have run thru all of our favorite places to go in Southern California and looking for more you may want to visit Oxnard which is known for these red berries. May be surprising but there are more berry farms here than in any other city in the state.

Where can you pick fruit in Temecula California?

Kennys is a great one that is just outside the city limits, we have shown you why we love it too. After you’ve done this make sure to visit the Temecula Blueberry Company where you can pick some of those blue fruits fresh right off of the bush!

If you live further out there is a huge strawberry field in San Diego too near the Carlsbad outlets you can visit along with the flower fields that are incredible and a must see attraction down there too. Or this is the Best Way to Grow Strawberries yourself!

What to do with kids in Southern California.

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