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All About Temecula Blueberry Company

Why you should visit Temecula Blueberry Company with your family this season. Blueberry picking is so much fun for everyone. Then enjoy movie night there and buy jams and syrups too.

Temecula blueberry Company

Have you ever visited the Temecula Blueberry Company?? It is a fun place that has rows and rows of blueberry picking opportunities. You are given buckets to use and fill with the juiciest blueberries you’ve ever eaten. They are opening up May 5th!! It is fun and have lots of places to run, a pen with animals to look at, a tractor to sit on and pretend you’re driving it. This is one of my favorite pictures from a few years ago. <3

Blueberry Picking in Temecula

They also have a Friday night movie night at the Temecula blueberry company series that is fun. 

Movies are from 8pm-10pm on the East side of the barn. There are lots of other shows as you can see here too so you can plan accordingly. Bring your own chairs and jackets to movie nights. 😉

Go see the June 2nd Friday night movie playing this week!!

Temecula blueberry company

Their hours are 8am-6pm and they charge $5 per pint. Since they are little it takes quite a while for kids to usually pick a whole pint so it is good fun for an afternoon. There are shady areas where you can bring a picnic and spend the afternoon.

Bring your berries home and make these sour cream blueberry banana muffins that are amazing! Remember that it does get really hot at at the Temecula Blueberry Company so make sure to wear a hat and wear sunscreen too.

There’s a fun barn with a few animals, usually pigs and chickens to take a peek at.

temecula blueberry company

The Temecula Berry Co. usually opens the 1st or 2nd week in May. You can already schedule field trips by Find more information on the Temecula Berry Co. website.

temecula berry company

If you’re looking for more things to do in Temecula check out my post here.

Temecula blueberry company
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