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Pictures of Sedona Arizona

If you’ve never visited Sedona Arizona is one of the most amazing places. Here are pictures Sedona and Slide Rock. Makes for a great family vacation for all ages.


If you have never been to Sedona Arizona it is probably one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen on the West Coast! I went to school just North of this in Flagstaff, and had visited Sedona several times back then. This trip we took all 3 of our kids and had the best vacation ever! See this and more on our road trip blog. (originally published 12/15)

This picture was taken just outside the Slide Rock area. Probably the highlight of our trip. It is just that….a beautiful area with a creek at the bottom and rocks that you can slide down.

They’ve been smoothed out over years and years and create a long slide that adults and kids get a real kick out of. You can see here for yourself!

Slide Rock Video

There are areas beyond the slide area where you can jump off a high cliff, not for us. Pools that are shallow are there too to put your feet in as well as others you can swim in.

Most people wear their suits. We hadn’t planned on stopping off here that day so my little ones just went in with their shorts and tank tops. They dried off after we were done….anything goes on vacation right. 😉

Slide Rock Sedona Arizona

It is quite hard to really capture how beautiful this area is, but this is pretty close! Incredible right??!!

This is just part of the beauty and fun Sedona has to offer. If you like to hike there are TONS of areas for that. It is cooler than what you’d expect in Phoenix (which is about 2 hrs. South of this).

There are plenty of nice places to stay the night. We found a great Groupon Getaway deal for this trip and stayed at the Super 8 Hotel which was surprisingly nice with a great view!

red rock state park

One day we explored things at Red Rock State Park. The kids were in love with this place.

Just exploring and finding old houses, adobes, lizards, red rock mountains that you can really only see here in Sedona was all part of the fun.

sunset crater Flagstaff

One day we went North about 30 minutes to my college town, Northern Arizona University. We explored Sunset Crater Volcano for a while. HUGE areas full of lava that had hardened from the eruption years and years ago had a lot of history and great places to hike.

Summertime is monsoon season there so we got rained out for a while, Luckily we had bought sweatshirts with hoods so we braved it for a while anyway!

Northern arizona university dome

If you’ve never been to Northern Arizona University it’s a great place, of course I’m a bit bias. This football field is entirely indoors inside a dome!! It snows quite a bit in Flagstaff so they created this dome which is quite incredible to see and go inside of.

Practices of all kind can be held year round (field changes according to the sporting season).

Looking to visit more places to visit in Arizona, near Sedona?

  1. Lowell Observatory
  2. Arizona Grand Resort
  3. Grand Canyon

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