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Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff

Lowell Observatory is an amazing place to visit! On top of a hill in Flagstaff, Arizona it has a beautiful view and a large telescope to look through.

lowell observatory

I went to NAU, the college in Flagstaff and visited Lowell several times. Even when they weren’t open it was such a beautiful place. I had to bring my own kids back when they were old enough to appreciate the view.

The actual building that houses the main telescope isn’t the only interesting structure on the property.

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There are many buildings such as this one with interesting architecture and stories.  Lowell Observatory offers telescope viewing, tours, exhibits, and a science center.

Flagstaff Observatory

We visited on Thanksgiving Day so it wasn’t open but we had a fun time exploring the area and there was a lot to learn just on the grounds itself. Find more places to visit on our road trip blog too.

lowell observatory 2

Is Lowell Observatory Worth Visiting

Absolutely. I mean there are so many outdoor activities and things to do in this quaint small college town but you can’t miss this one.

What is Lowell Observatory Famous For

It is actually the location that first discovered Pluto! They have cutting edge technology with an incredible telescope you can look through certain days and times during the year.

Here’s a great example of an area the girls enjoyed. Along the path was lots of info. on each planet and more, and the view atop this ridge in Flagstaff is amazing! The view from up there is amazing. Even if it is not open it’s a great area to explore and see things from atop this hill.

lowell observatory 3

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If you’re visiting Northern Arizona University, or just visiting Flagstaff for a bit you should head over and check Lowell Observatory out.

Open or not it is a gorgeous location to explore and take pictures. If you get an opportunity to look thru the telescope it’s a major bonus!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.