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Penny Savings Challenge

Free penny savings challenge where you can save over 600 dollars in one year just by savings pennies a day. Great way to teach kids how to save money and see it really add up. Shows you how much you’ll save with just a penny or a dime each day!

penny savings challenge

If you say saving a penny won’t amount to much look at this. In this chart it shows a fun way to create a vacation fund I like to call it by just saving 1 penny for 365 days throughout the year. Here is how it works. (originally published 2/16, affiliate links present)

Penny savings challenge pdf

You print out the worksheet, find a container to do your savings in, and reap the reward at the end of the year! Of course this penny savings challenge could become a dime savings challenge if you want to have $6,000 at the end of the year! That would be fantastic huh?

If you have kids who have a hard time seeing the value of saving their money, this saving challenge printable a great way to start. Save a few cents each week and they could save almost $700. Give them small chores so they can build it up even faster so they can buy what they want and feel the fruits of their labor. It is great for adults too!

5 ways to make saving money fun for kids.

Printable penny savings challenge

Sometimes it is helpful to have something to hold and keep track of things. That is why I created this, more for my kids to see how easy it would be to save, but to share too. You can print one for yourself, share with others or if you are teaching economics to kids at school it is a great resource too. Have them set a saving goal and mark it off as they go.

  • Print out this 365 penny savings challenge is a reminder to yourself that you’re committed to saving just a few cents each day.
  • Then at the end of the year you will have saved $667.95.
  • You could totally take a great family vacation with that!
  • Have your kids participate with coins they find or earn by doing chores.
  • Of course it won’t be a cruise, but some of our most memorable vacations were our favorite California road trips .
    • We’ve camped in various locations exploring Yosemite one year. It’s not always about the destination, especially with kids. It’s about your journey there. That can sometimes be even more fun!

Of course your savings could be used for anything. You can either laminate it using self adhesive sheets, or slide it inside a sheet protector. Keep it on your fridge as a reminder.

Have a jar next to your fridge. That way you can start saving where each day or at the end of the week you can put some in and see it. Keep your penny challenge near that and use wet erase markers to keep track of how much you’ve put in. Increase the amount each week if you want to plan a cheap vacation.

how to travel cheap

Money Saving Challenge

Then after 52 weeks you just use a wipe to clean off your markings. Use your saving printable again year after year. Have kids laminate a separate one and have them tape it to their door or above their bed. Use this cute piggy bank to make it fun for them!

Do you do something to help you save money throughout the year, I’d love to hear them too…always looking for more clever ideas for myself and kids.

If you love this idea and are looking to travel here’s a post I wrote about how to travel cheap that will help too. You can find more free printables here too.

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Wednesday 27th of December 2017

This is a great visual! It's amazing how saving such a small amount each day can add up to a big amount at the end of the year. I pinned the article.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.