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Free Printable Color by Number for Adults

Free printable color by number for adults sheets are here. Difficult Algebra math problems to solve on these coloring pages.

algebra color by number

Love adult coloring pages but want to work your brain with some math too? We made a few different free printable color by number for adults sheets for you here. Choose one or all of them and have fun this weekend. Just one free color by number printables on our site. (affiliate links present)

Adult Color by Number Books

You could print all of these Multiplication Color by Number pages and staple them together into a book of sorts, or just grab one of them. There are two free algebra worksheets total to choose from. Both of them have this pretty flower like graphic on them. It is best to use a pencil to solve problems and then color with crayons or colored pencils.

There are a few levels of difficulty with these but if they prove too hard you could opt to print out a few from our dinosaur color by number sheet set instead. That one has single and double digit multiplication problems instead. Both are designed to challenge students of all ages as thy work on these various colors to create a picture.

hard math color by number

Color by Number for Adults

We have others like our Coordinate Graphing Mystery Picture too. If you only want to print one out of the two you will click on the blue link below. It will pop up like you see here above and then change next to pages from all to custom. Then below that choose the page number you want and the number of copies below that.

This is great for middle school and high school students for fun. Color by number worksheets bring education and relaxation together a bit. Fun but need to find solutions or they must apply knowledge of their answers to color correctly.

They could be sent home with students since they require work to complete but still require more than just coloring. They’ll be having fun too as they work at essential algebra skills.

Time needed: 5 minutes

Color by Number for Adults

  1. Print

    You can print as many free color by number for adults

    pages you want here.
  2. Solve

    Use a pencil to solve math problems.

  3. Color

    Use crayons to color the spaces correctly using the key at the top of the page.

Designed to be engaging, students can obtain their solutions by solving problems on the back of the sheet. Activities are designed to challenge their minds as well as be relaxing as they create a beautiful work of art. You can find “just for fun” ones like our coloring pages Star Wars series too on our site.

Algebra Color by Number

color by number adults

Color by Number Algebra 2

Coloring once they obtain the right answer, students must read specific requirements at the top to match the answer with the color key. Then decorate your classroom or refrigerator with them when they’re done. Even if you have teens they will appreciate the fact that you love their creation.

For all of our color by number activity sheets I recommend crayons or kids love Smencils too. Markers can bleed thru to the back as well as on to desks and/or clothing. Practicing math skills and having fun at the same time is a win win for everyone.

Looking for more? We have a ton of holiday printables if you are nearing a particular time of year, and our Christmas color by number sheets are probably our most popular. Even if it isn’t Dec. who doesn’t love all things santa and decorated trees?

christmas color by number

Adult Color by Number

All are engaging and include a key at the top or bottom to direct the user on which color each box should become. Recently we have added some pixel art for adults pages too though. Our Mario color by number was first, we will continue to add more as we go along too……

Like the Football Coloring Pages we just added for the big game!!

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Tuesday 28th of March 2023

hi everyone i love my math colour sheet

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Tuesday 28th of March 2023


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