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Free Super Bowl Football Coloring Pages

Free football coloring pages for NFL party or a Super Bowl color by number activity for kids. Having a birthday party? Use our fun football player printable color page Color by Number Free Printables and more.

football coloring pages

If you are looking for an American football player coloring page for your party or a few free printables with a football, jersey or cleats on it you are in luck. Print all 7 or just one for your classroom activity. Whether you’re using it during the big game or on a rainy day they’ll be a hit. (affiliate links present)

Football Color by Number

These are all Easy Color by Number Printables so every child and adult can have fun with them. The spaces are quite large for little hands and I suggest with them using crayons. Colored pencils work well too vs. markers as those can bleed thru to the back and make a bit of a mess.

Super Bowl Coloring Pages

If you are a Teacher looking for center time activities in February, or throughout the year, you can use our Football Bingo game too!! Both cost nothing and you already have the colors so you’ll be all set. For markers you can use beans, pennies or small candies.

free football coloring pages

Since you’re here I know you are looking for all the free printables for kids you can find. I add more each week so make sure you bookmark the blue link above and check back often.

First you should subscribe to our free newsletter to get more via. email too. Feel free to print one or as many as you like for rainy day activities that boys and girls will all enjoy! Here are our favorite items to use on coloring pages, word searches and color by number printables;

  • Smencils colored pencils are by far the most fun and vibrant shades ever.
  • With kids I prefer that they have a smaller box of crayons so there are fewer choices, but enough. 😉

Coloring Pages Football

Completely free coloring pages for kids are great. I am not only a mother of 3 girls but a former Teacher too so in both cases I was always looking for freebies to enjoy with friends and family. Now if you are looking for a boys birthday party activity this and our Free Dinosaur Color by Number are fun ones to use too.

Hosting a get together and need Super Bowl games to play or keep the kiddos busy while y’all enjoy a bit of adult time? I get it, I’m there with you and remember the days when my little ones were bored on those days. That is why I made quite a few for them to choose from with different pictures on them and easy to complete.

Although there is a key at the top and answer keys included in the printable link below, it doesn’t have to be followed. If you are using it for toddlers just let them go with their favorite crayon colors, it doesn’t matter. With older ones they could have a competition to see who decorates it the prettiest, best.

When I had a classroom with middle or high school students I would have this as an added activity sometimes but would require something on the backside. A great way to include some sort of writing activity or vocabulary lesson. Write a story in first person I would say, or explain with 10 verbs to someone who doesn’t understand the game what it is about.

Super Bowl Coloring Pages
Football Color by Number

NFL Football Coloring Pages

Now you don’t have to print all of the selections if you don’t want, though that is quite fun. If you want to make into an activity book you can get them all and staple in the corner, 1 for everyone. In the case you only want one football color page you can do that too. Just click the blue link and it will pop up in a new tab. Do this on a desktop or laptop vs. your phone.

Then go to file, print, and change all to the page # you want specifically. Under that you can specify how many of that image you want. Then hit print and you will only get your favorite one. One for each person is much better than sharing for sure.

Once you are set with the kids you should make a few fun Football Party Food ideas we have here. Our Football Cheese Ball is the bestest and always a hit with everyone who sees it!

Coloring Pages Football

Super Bowl Coloring Page

Time needed: 5 minutes

Football Coloring Page

  1. Print

    Click this blue link to print one or all of the football coloring pages that you might want. If you want Super Bowl coloring pages with coordinate graphing (examples below) use these too.

  2. Color

    Use colored pencils or crayons to match the number and colors to decorate the page(s).

super bowl coloring pages
super bowl color pages

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super bowl printables

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