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Free Football Bingo

Free Football bingo is a fun football game to play during your Super Bowl party! Whether you’re having a football party or just want a weekend activity, here are 10 activities kids and adults will laugh at.

football bingo

Here are 10 activities that will bring you back to your childhood including this free football bingo game you can play during Super Bowl intermissions. Let us know what other games you love to play when company comes over 😉 (affiliate links present)

Whether you’re a football fan or not, this Football Bingo and our Football Coloring Pages are fun to play with family and friends! If you’re watching the big game and want to play bingo, we’ve got you covered.

Super Bowl Bingo

Mine aren’t super interested in the t.v. but would rather play a game themselves. Building forts usually keep their interests for a while but then they want a game day party activity. You usually have a variety of ages when you invite friends over. It is nice to have an activity that little ones to High School kids will enjoy.

I have two options below you can print out. Use ours that is seen above with signs you might find in a game. The blank version offered is great too so you can create your own. Use colored pencils to feature your favorite team(s) or the two playing during the Super Bowl.

Yes regular bingo is fun, we have them for every holiday that is why we figured these unique cards featuring a free space and symbols you’re familiar with would be fun too. You can enjoy it while watching the game or during intermissions.

Football Bingo

You can make it as easy as you wanted it to be, or more difficult. If you’re making your own versions you could just have different colored balls in each box with a number inside. Call out the numbers and match to see who is the winner. You could even include math problems inside so kids have to solve, and then match when the answer is called.

super bowl game

Free Super Bowl Game

Here are a few more ways to keep them busy if kids are around. Remember these bouncy ball things??

  • They were a bit smaller back then (now they make them in adult sizes). I saw them and this was the hit of Christmas this year and perfect when friends come over!
  • SO simple really, but anything my kids can jump, jump, jump, and bounce, bounce, bounce on is a real hit in their world!

Of course there are lots of activities that can keep your kids busy and are fun, but sometimes they’re pricey. I wanted to think back on the things I did at home with my friends that put a smile on my face and when I do them with my kids it makes everyone giggle.

Here’s another fun and free activity kids can do together during parties, and on the weekends… a fort!

That’s right, just some chairs, blankets, pillows, and your favorite snack when you were a kid too. Tell me you didn’t do this too when you were a kid??!!

Super Bowl Bingo

Print your free printable Football Bingo game to begin with here. That is just the first card but I have a few others with the pieces in different positions so not everyone wins at the same time. At the bottom is a blank one so you can add colors from your favorite teams.

  • We have another football bingo card 2  here
  • And football bingo printable number 3 for a larger crowd
  • For the caller you just need to print 1 extra card, cut out the boxes, put them in a hat or cup and pull one out one at a time and call them out
  • These small football markers are great to use to mark off the space on your card

Here is a blank football bingo cards too if you want to design your own with the team colors of your choice. That can be a fun idea to personalize them.


Bingo Football

MORE Free indoor activities for kids are below that you can use with all different ages…….

  1. Build a fort in the living room
    1. Bring lots of snacks inside to share with your friends
  2. Play tag
  3. Make a spaceship out of an empty refrigerator box
  4. Ride bikes
  5. Playing tag in the backyard can be done while y’all are enjoying your watching party
  6. Swing at the park
  7. Jump rope
  8. Color in a coloring book
  9. Play games together like Football Bingo, printable above!

Tell me these things don’t bring back memories! Doing them now with your kids creates lots of new memories, I bet they will make you smile even bigger now if you try them together.

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Sunday 8th of January 2017

I used to love riding bikes and coloring! It definitely does bring back memories. I used to color with my kids when they were younger. It was fun.


Sunday 8th of January 2017

Great ideas and I love the football bingo. Very creative. I may have to try it with my kids.

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