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Christmas Ornaments for Kids to Make

Here are easy Christmas ornaments for kids to make during the holidays. Cheap and fun activities and crafts for children of all ages.

Christmas ornaments for kids to make

When I was a Teacher, and now that I am a Mom I like finding Christmas ornaments for kids to make so we can have some creative fun during the holidays. If I can find the items I need at the Dollar Store that’s even better! Here are a few things we have made that are inexpensive but fun for kids to make. (reposted 12/16)

Christmas ornament for kids to make

This reindeer ornament is quiet easy to make and smells incredible since you use cinnamon sticks! You will need to do a bit of prep work with a glue gun but they can finish it off and make it “theirs”.

Reindeer ornament
Ornaments kids can make

You need to hot glue gun the 3 cinnamon sticks together and can either let them glue the red nose and white eye pom poms on or do it for them and just allow them to do the black pupils and curl their own antlers.

I found all these things at the Dollar Store, including the red bells for the end of Rudolph’s nose!

Ornament craft
Ornament reindeer craft

Just twist the pipe cleaners on so they are secure and then they can twist the antler on their finger to get a curly cue.

You can use ribbon as a hook at the top. I had a piece of branch that I used for mine. I’m really all about using what you have already so get creative!

Christmas ornaments kids can make.

Cheap Homemade Ornaments

There are several other Christmas ornaments for kids to make at home that are very inexpensive to make and are fun to do.

Here are a few pics (they are self explanatory really) but mainly you will need construction paper, hands, feet,  tempera paint, and maybe some crayons!

Christmas ornament kids can make

This one just uses a tie from a bread package….gotta’ use what you would normally throw away if at all possible.


You just need to trace a shoe and two hands for this reindeer.

Kids Christmas ornament crafts

We just made a Christmas ornament we found at the Dollar Store that were fun.

Easy ornaments you can make with kids that are inexpensive and fun to make.

Here is one we made last year using pinecones! And melting peppermint candies into ornaments with cookie cutters is super fun.

Pinecone Christmas ornament DIY

Use colored tongue depressors glued together with pom poms and a ribbon for this easy ornament kids can make. All of these were from the Dollar Store.


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