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Pennypickle’s Workshop Temecula Childrens Museum

Real snow is arriving at Pennypickle’s workshop in Old Town Temecula. This children’s museum is great for hands on experiences and field trips. Events here.

pennypickles workshop

If you’ve never visited the Children’s Museum called Pennypickle’s Workshop Temecula it is a great hands on experience for kids. They are always open to field trips, and visiting them during the day or weekend for a lot of fun. Here are a few fun pictures we took inside.

Temecula Children’s Museum

Right now they are offering a few awesome summer camps for girls only!! More info. here. Call 951-308-6376 to register!

There are lots of things for kids to do at this kids museum in Temecula. Kids love hands on activities and Pennypickle’s provides lots of that as well as on the spot experiments that one of their staff members conducts right before your eyes!

Pennypickle’s Workshop

childrens museum temecula

When we were there they did quite a few and even I was amazed at a few of them. Really cute how they engage the kids, ask questions, have them hypothesize about what they think might happen if they do this or that.

They only allow a certain # of people in at each time slot so it is never very crowded and you can always find something to do, touch, or see.

penny pickle's workshop

Kids can also pick up a scavenger hunt when they enter and see if they can find all the things on the list. It’s free for them to do this and great for older kids.

pennypickle temecula

For more information you can visit Pennypickle’s website or their Facebook page.

Pennypickle’s Workshop Temecula

Snow comes to Pennypickle’s Workshop in Temecula in the winter time too! Check the info on their website to find dates and times but this event is fun. Peltzer Farm has seasonal events too so take advantage of them all with your family.

Park for FREE in the new pkg. structure on Mercedes St. next to the Civic Center and right up from this children’s museum! If you’re looking for another place like this, check out the children’s museum in San Diego too. On certain dates you can get in free too.

snow at pennypickles temecula

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Tuesday 19th of November 2019

If you have kids that love science, you ll want to take them here! Starting on today, kids will be able to have so much fun at the science carnival!

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