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Hasbro Family Game Night

Would you rather board game.

Do you play games with your kids in the evening or on the weekends….if you don’t it’s a great way to connect! We connect with our kids during family game nights pretty often and love finding a new one to add to our rotation! Let us show you the most recent game we found that made us laugh called Would You Rather. It’s a really cute game of guessing which choice the other players would choose…the choices are silly and great (appropriate) for the whole family!

We like this other one made by Spin Master too called Would you Rather.  Hedbanz (such a cute game) and Quelf which is more for families with older children ages 12+.  

Would You Rather game comes with a game board like you see here, markers, question cards, and a dial. When it is your turn you read the Would you rather……

Hasbro Family Game Night

2 options to yourself and decide whether the other players will all definitely choose option A, maybe choose option A, definitely choose option B or maybe choose option B. the other players have to decide together (great when you have multiple children because they have to all come up with 1 answer, or majority rules in our house).

Then according to everyone’s answer the person asking the question moves forward or backwards. Let me show you a few of the silly questions! For instance if you are on a green square you would decide which option the group would choose, then pose the question:

Would you rather game by spin master.

Would you rather A. fart through your nose or B. sneeze from your butt…..seriously I can’t even keep a straight face with questions like this. 😉 My kids were cracking up as they read the questions, and decided which silly choice they would all choose….take a look.

You can see my youngest daughter on the left trying to “speak in code” to her older sister off the screen to the right in order to come up with an agreement. They were making me giggle as they decided what they would do if given such silly scenarios.

I liked how it made them come to an agreement on just one answer (since that can be tough sometimes amongst siblings).

Would you rather board game

Playing games is such a great way to connect with your kids, whether you’re playing a game that requires great concentration, or one that’s silly like Would you rather. In this day and age with all the electronic devices it is nice to unplug and reconnect with a family game night.

Believe me….you will find out a lot about their day, their friends, and what’s on their mind when you’re gathered around the table playing a game. You can find Would you rather at stores such as Wal-Mart, Kmart, Target, ToysRUs, and (where I bought it) Amazon.

Have you played Would You Rather yet?? What question made your family laugh the most? 😉

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.