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12 Free Encanto Coloring Page Printables

12 Free Encanto coloring page printables are here. Your favorite movie featuring Maribel, Isabel, Dolores, Bruno Encanto coloring page and many more. We have a lot of color by number free printables and here are just a few.

encanto coloring

Looking for an Encanto coloring page for your little one to do on a rainy day. Hosting an Encanto birthday party and want to find free activities your guests will love? Either way choose your favorite character, or all of them, and decorate your heart out. (affiliate links present)

You can find Mirabel Luisa above, but there are so many others featured from the animated film, Encanto.

Encanto Color by Number

We have a lot of free Disney printables on our site. Why? Because I have 3 girls and grew up watching all of their movies myself. They all bring back so many great memories, so when I can share anything from new movies that are out I do. Even though my girls are teenagers, and one is in college, we still watch new flicks when they’re out.

Yes coloring books are fun but I like a bit more thinking and coloring by number is a great in between. These aren’t difficult with just number matching and no math involved. We do have quite a few, like our color by number dinosaur, that do feature addition and/or multiplication numbers too if you want it to be a bit more educational.

One popular one of 12 is the Dolores Encanto coloring page, but we have others.

dolores encanto coloring page

Free Encanto Coloring Pages

Lately we have even added a few pixel art pages too. With a Mario and Star Wars pixel art theme they are always enjoyed by both girls and boys. It’s fun to look at somewhat of a blank page or something that looks like graph paper and making it come to life with your favorite characters.

These are fun too. With a movie theme you can see what it should be but you know it will look a lot better once you follow the key at the top of each page and decorate all of it. Enjoy as is or frame it and decorate your walls in a cheap way!

Here we have the Encanto Isabela color page that is quite popular with many.

isabela encanto coloring pages

Encanto Coloring Pages Bruno

Let’s talk about Bruno though shall we, he is definitely a favorite from this extraordinary family! I mean what a great guy right?? As you can see there are several skin tone shades that can be found in the new skin tone crayons packs out now.

Littler hands have a harder time gripping small pencils so they may go outside of the lines but that is okay. It is all about fun for all and a way to make everyone smile without costing you a thing. 😉

bruno encanto coloring pages

Free Printable Encanto Coloring

These Disney Encanto coloring sheets can be made into a book if you print all of them and staple on the corner or down the side. It could be a unique gift at the end of a party inside a parting basket for your guests. Characters including all in the Madrigal family are featured from this Disney animated film.

If you want all of the activity sheets just click on the blue link below and hit the printer icon. If you only want one particular character from the Encanto movie you’d click on the same link. Hit file, print on your computer. Change ALL next to pages to custom instead. Choose the page # you want, enter and print that way.

Encanto characters coloring pages

Time needed: 5 minutes

Encanto Printables

  1. Print

    You can print all 12 or some of the free encanto coloring pages linked here. Choose to grab all or just one that you love the most.

  2. Color

    Use colored pencils or crayons to decorate these according to the chart at the top of each one. Of course they can color them as they wish but there is a guide for those that want to follow it.

Want a game to go along with this? Our free Disney bingo printable is fun too.

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Monday 21st of November 2022

I only looked at Mirabel but where is number 6? I think it's missing

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