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Why I Gave up When I Turned 40

This is what I mean when I say turning 40 changes everything! It’s why I gave up when I turned 40 and I’m glad I did. Did you have these aha moments too?

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I remember hearing in my 30’s “40 is great, you’ll see”, and I just didn’t get it, until my birthday rolled around. “They” were so right! I don’t know what it is about that monumental 40th birthday but it is fabulous and this is why I’m happy I gave up when I turned 40. Let me tell you what I mean by this. Special thanks goes out to Oil of Olay for sponsoring this post so I could share my “forty-wisdom” with you. 😉

What Turning 40 Means to a Woman

40 was definitely a turning point for me! Everyone’s life definitely comes with a list of stresses (some have more than others). Growing up as an only child with divorced parents and not much family to speak of, I have had to rely on myself and friends’ love throughout my life.

Through the years you definitely crave simplicity, honesty, and narrow all those pennies down to a few who are “your quarters in life”. What REALLY matters comes to you like a lightbulb….well, at least it happened for me around this time.


What I gave up when I turned 40

  • I gave up investing on friends who weren’t my cheerleaders in life – You know the girlfriends who are always in competition with you, and instead of cheering on your successes they become envious and more distant…yeah, those.
    • I want to be successful in my life, who doesn’t. I’ve decided that nothing or nobody, is going to distract me from my forward momentum and what makes me happy. I chose to give up on anyone who wasn’t genuinely cheering me on.
    • Although that meant my core group of friends would diminish greatly I’m so happy I gave up investing in those “friends. Instead focused on those who wanted the best for me.
  • Stopped looking at the glass as half emptyEspecially if you’re a working mom there’s always a time or two (or a lot more often than that) that you’ve looked at a friend who doesn’t want for anything, doesn’t need to work, and wish you could switch spots.

If I looked around there were always lots of things I wish I had in my life but when I hit 40 I realized the most important thing was my health and the health of my family. As long as I had that and did my best at keeping it that way, that is what really mattered…the rest would just figure itself out!

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  • Realized people would not change – We all know as grown adults that it won’t work but don’t tell me you haven’t tried. Tried to change your spouse’s annoying habits, tried to change your parents, or tried to change the inaccurate perception people have of you.
    • I just gave up. I know I am a kind, thoughtful, hard working mom who only wants to make good contributions to the world around me and that is all that matters.
    • We all could improve (myself included) but when you realize you can only change yourself and focus on that, you find a bit more peace.
  • Gave up on the idea of being the perfect mom – Ok, not that I ever thought I could be perfect, but we all have this illusion that we can work, teach, clean, cook, parent, exercise. That we can do it all simultaneously while staying sane.
    • When you look at a mom who’s totally put together with a huge smile on her face you may think she has no problems. Though inside she might be crying inside for help but just doesn’t know how to ask for it. Who knows! All I know is we’re all a hot mess and do the best we can, some just hide it better than others my friends. 😉
    • The years I was a single parent raising my daughter I thought I was doing it all wrong. Looking back I did the best I could and in the end she came out amazing.
  • I gave up trying to “look perfect” every day – That meant, away with wearing make up every day. I just don’t like it! Let’s be honest. I want to be able to shower, moisturize my skin, brush a bit of powder on my face and GO! With three kids and working full time I don’t have time for all that other stuff. I like the natural look anyway. With this change my skin actually looked better without all that gunk on! Who knew?
oil of olay regenerist

If you’re looking for a simple solution in your busy life that is not only an anti-aging but moisturizing too, this is it. 

  • You saw the results after week one. Now after week two I am to expected to see my skin become firmer and improve it’s elasticity too (so stay tuned). 😉

40 is amazing. It changed my life. This age is all the things I heard others say it would be and more. I’m truer to myself. I realized who the true cheerleaders in my life were and would do anything for them.

I’m comfortable in my own skin (no makeup required thanks to some great products and added self confidence). If you haven’t reached the big 4-0 just you wait. If you’re already there welcome to the club. It’s the best right??!!

oil of olay regenerist

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Olay. The opinions and text are all mine.

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