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Queen Mary CHILL Long Beach

Queen Mary Chill tickets are here. Visit this great ice sculptures event in Long Beach plus visit the Queen Mary boat there too while you’re there.

queen mary chill

We visited Queen Mary CHILL experience last year and this year and it was SO fabulous!! A great way to start the holiday season where they have tons of ice sculptures, some made into slides, and an area where you can slide down in inner tubes for a really thrilling ride! I want to thank Queen Mary CHILL for sponsoring this post. (affiliate links present)

Queen Mary CHILL Ice Sculptures

Let’s start with the most exciting part…..the CHILL. Yes it is cold, the part where all the ice sculptures are.

  • I would suggest wearing a coat, gloves for SURE, and a hat is helpful for this part.
  • You can see what Christmas events they are having this year here.

These are pictures from 2015. Things may have changed but this is what we experienced when we went that year. Inside the dome structure is this incredible slide(s) coming out of an ice sculpted Queen Mary ship! Kids can slide as many times as they’d like, or until their noses freeze. 😉

Queen Mary CHILL Long Beach

Queen Mary CHILL Video

Before and after the slides there are many sculptures created out of ice like this nativity scene. There were other parts of this too next to me. There is a lot to look at, walk through, slide down, and admire while you’re inside the Queen Mary CHILL area.

You are free to go back in later if you choose to.  When we went there were NO lines. Others have said there were some, but lucky enough we were able to go in and out of everything without any waiting. You can purchase an ELF pass too that comes with an express lane feature which is great.

Queen Mary CHILL Long Beach

Queen Mary Ice Skating

This Queen Mary CHILLy area is really something to see. From little kids to adults everyone was impressed. It is truly nothing you have or probably ever will experience before and well worth the drive and wait if there is one!

Once we were outside the ice CHILL area we headed toward the tubing area for some unlimited tubing fun. This is included in your ELF pass! It is a long slide, and even my husband and I had a good time “racing” the kids.

Kids and adults of all ages were having a blast. We spent quite a bit of time going up and down up and down this tubing area since there weren’t any lines at the time. It wasn’t too cold to sit there and watch them having fun.

Queen Mary CHILL review

Christmas at Queen Mary

Once we were done tubing we headed outside for some unlimited fun on the “old fashioned” swings!! Our bracelets included this too and the kids had fun riding it over and over again.

My husband and I found a nice bench to sit at, relax, eat some lunch. They have many catering trucks and stands there and talk while the kids were swinging it up. 😉

We were lucky that day because Keurig was there handing out FREE cups of coffee, iced tea, tea or lemonade!! I am not sure if they were there every day but it was a fantastic surprise, and kept us nice and warm all afternoon!

queen mary

How much does it cost to visit Queen Mary Chill?

You buy tickets just to enter the event which was about $25 which included the jacket you would need to walk thru the ice sculptures. Beyond that you could tube but the rest was pay as you go. You can see the other activities we did on sight here.

One more stop and a great surprise before we left was that Santa and Mrs. Claus were waiting in their cabin to see us! The kids were thrilled to sit on his lap (they hadn’t yet this year). I was thrilled that I got to save a crowded trip to the mall and $20 for a picture. They let me use my camera to snap my shot and develop it myself.

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Can you go on the Queen Mary right now?

Yes!! It is open and ready for you to tour. You can do a self guided tour or pay a little to get an audio tour that will give you insight on when it was created, stories about the large famous boat and is worth it to get more information and history about it.

Queen Mary experience is great for the whole family I say! This is our second time here and it is better than the last. They continue to add great things to the experience each year and it has become a great family holiday experience we’ve added to our yearly adventures!

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Michelle R Zamora

Saturday 23rd of October 2021

Do you know if the chill is taking place anywhere in 2021?

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