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Minted Personalized Gifts Review

Minted personalized gifts are amazing! We use them to order our holiday cards each year and customize gifts all the time, they come out terrific.


I love, okay obsessed is a better word, personalized gifts and items for my own home. If I can put a photo or my child’s name on something I will, let me share with you why Minted personalized gifts are so fun for me to create. Special thanks goes out to Minted for sponsoring this post so I can share their items with you.

Personalized Anniversary Gifts

I’m a mom to three girls. My house isn’t picture perfect, I’d love a few new pieces of furniture here or there, but quite frankly the important and emotionally charged items in my home are ones that include photos of my family.

I don’t have one piece of artwork in my house that doesn’t include a photo of us, seriously. I instead blow up our family pictures, and create personalized items like this Heart Snapshot Mix to decorate my home.

It is so fun for me to upload pictures (this one has vacation photos from years passed) that hold strong memories for us. I created a great piece of art to hang on my wall this time as you can see here.


Minted Heart Snapshot

It’s not only beautiful, but each snapshot that makes up the heart reminds us of “that trip we saw Grandpa for the last time”, or “the crazy snow storm we got caught in at the Grand Canyon”. It’s fun for us all to remember those times.

Remember polaroid cameras when they first came out?? Just looking at this makes me think back on the day I first got one of those and the silly pictures I took with my friends at about 9 years old. In this frame each snapshot is designed by you, and ordered to your specifications.

  • You just upload your images
  • Drag and drop your photos into the empty spaces
  • Move them around until it looks just right
  • Then you choose the size you want (this is the 24×24 size)
  • Pick your frame…I thought this Distressed Cottage White frame would compliment out house nicely.
  • It’s a perfect addition to our growing artwork on the wall full of memories, and would make a great gift for Grandparents too.

    Minted personalized gifts


Personalized Gifts for Grandparents

Of course we always order customized Christmas cards each year and Minted has a TON to choose from!

This was our favorite family photo this year so we decided on this one with Enjoy Every Moment at the bottom which is the perfect greeting from our family to our friends living afar.

I LOVE creating our cards each year and creating something unique to us that captures our family for that year. We also ordered customized postage this year with our picture on it!

We have a few more personalized items on their way from Minted and will share those as soon as they arrive but I wanted to share what has arrived so far in case you were looking to order something special this year. You can find all Minted personalized gifts here along with any promo codes they offer at the top of the page, love that!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.