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Family Game Night with Hedbanz Electronic Review

Do you ever have family game nights?? Frequently throughout the week, and for sure on the weekends, we have movie nights and on this night it was family game night with Hedbanz™ Electronic!

Family game night with Headbanz Electronic game. Great family game that all ages can play, here's a review of what we all thought.

If it’s difficult for you to find a game that the whole family would enjoy, and is easy enough for younger children, Hedbanz™ Electronic is a great choice! It really is a cute game of guessing what card is on your head using clues from others which gets everyone thinking and laughing all at the same time. Here is how it works.


You break up into teams, or even two players can play by themselves. You fit the head band to your head and without looking at the picture card you drew have it put in the slot on your forehead.

Then on the red cards there are questions like “am I alive?” which the other players answer which gives you a clue as to what your card is.

If just two players are playing you can ask your own yes or no questions and have 60 seconds to try and figure out your picture. Here is where the Electronic comes in vs. your classic Hedbanz game.


Your turn it on inside to classic play and push the button where the timer will go off in 60 seconds. It;s letting you know your guessing session has ended.

It is fun for any kid to incorporate any kind of button, timer, bell, alarm, etc. This makes it exciting for them. When playing in a group the “electronic host” tells you whether you’re going to ASK IT, DESCRIBE IT,  or DO IT.  

It also keeps score for you (which is great). Meaning, you can act out the picture card on their head, describe it using any words except the word(s) on their head. Or the guesser can ask yes or no questions to figure it out.


If you haven’t played a game with your kids in a while Hedbanz™ Electronic is a great one to play together. You can find it here. Perfect for under the tree this year. 😉


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.