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Ice Skating at IceTown Riverside

IceTown Riverside is a fantastic place for ice skating. I took my girls there who had never skated and we all had so much fun, see our experience here.


IceTown Riverside was a fantastic place to bring my 3 girls this weekend! We had so much fun on the ice. Even though it was my kids first experience they had an amazing time and we all want to return again soon! Special thanks goes out to IceTown Riverside for sponsoring this post and providing my family an ice skating experience for the day so we could share our pictures with you.

IceTown Riverside Review

I hadn’t been skating for probably 25 years. My girls had never been skating. Let me say that I was a little hesitant when they wanted to go ice skating.

  • I thought, “how am I going to be able to remember how to skate + help two little ones. They are (5 & 7) but it worked!

After some time I took them to IceTown Riverside to try out a sport I once loved. I took lessons for many years with my friends and really wanted my girls to enjoy it too. It was really Fantastic!!

icetown riverside

Ice Skating in Riverside

We got our skates on, stores our things in a nearby locker & headed off to the rink. They have two rinks, which is pretty cool. One for hockey practice/lessons and one for ice skating open skate sessions / lessons. We arrived right when open skating began and stayed for 3 whole hours!!

  • I seriously thought we wouldn’t last much longer than an hour. BUT I couldn’t pull them off once they got the hang of it!

Once or twice around the rink holding on for dear life, my two little ones made their way around comfortably. They held on to the railing that went all the way around. This created confidence in them as they learned balance.

Third time around, they went to one hand on the rail. From then on it was “let go Mom, I can do it” with huge smiles on their faces.

Ice skating in Riverside

IceTown Riverside California

About an hour into our session, they had everyone exit the rink. A talented young lady come out to show us her routine. She was amazing & a great treat for my kids to see up close. Someone who has obviously put a lot of time and training into a sport she truly loves.

  • I spoke to one of the instructors who said they offered lessons there, & offer a Free introductory lesson as well!
  • As we returned to the ice they had a number of fun activities in the center of the rink. They played limbo, dancing and prizes for the winners too!
riverside ice skating

One of the most surprising and wonderful additions to our skate session, was that about halfway through our time there. Instructors came out to give Free skate lessons to whomever wanted to join in!!

It was a great treat since my kids had never skated before. Their tips were easy to follow and they made it really fun.

  • The staff at IceTown Riverside was wonderful and helpful. They even picked up my middle child when she fell and skated with her to the side.

When it was time to go, we returned our skates and took some time to watch hockey practice.

It was fun to see the “game” up close. I had never taken them to a game and it was just something they saw on t.v., much more fun in person.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.