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June Instant Pot Recipes

June Instant Pot recipes are here! Family friendly dinners, vegetables and dessert you should try this month in your pressure cooker or Ninja Foodi now that summer is beginning! Easy Instant Pot recipes for a party with fresh seasonal ingredients.

June Instant Pot Recipes

It’s the start of sunny summertime! What does that mean for us? We plant lots of vegetables, uncover our pool, go on vacations and need easy one pot meals to make. That is where this list comes in. If you too are looking for simple Instant Pot recipes to try we have a few we know you’ll love. (affiliate links present)

June Recipes

Let’s start with a few helpful resources so you can create your Instant Pot meal plan for this month. You can make all of these pressure cooker recipes in your Ninja Foodi, Crockpot Express and Mealthy too.

Here is a roundup of other Instant Pot dinner recipes to try too. You can literally make meals of course with it but side dishes take sometimes as little as 1 minute to make. Cakes and desserts can be cooked this way too. “Baking” this way doesn’t heat up your whole kitchen and is fast fast fast.


June Instant Pot recipes

Now this month we are going to focus on meals with vegetables in them, because they’re so fresh now. I also have a few that are great for large groups when you have people over as well as some dump and go chicken dinners below. The one at the top is our Hawaiian pulled pork which is amazing.

Pressure Cooker Cashew Chicken 2

Pressure Cooker June Recipes

I know chili is kinda’ known for Fall, BUT I beg to differ. If you are having a party I think it is perfect. Why? Because it is mega cheap to make and easy, mine only has 5 main ingredients. Double the recipe and create a sort of chili bar with LOTS of different toppings for everyone to use. 

Seriously, it will be a hit and get dinner on the table in no time!!

pressure cooker corn dog bites

What to cook in your Instant Pot in June

Now let’s get to Instant Pot vegetable recipes!

Last but not least put this pressure cooker coconut rice pudding on the list of Must Makes!

Ways to Cook Brussel Sprouts

Instant Pot Duo 3 Qt. Recipes

If you have the mini version you would just need to half all of these instructions and ingredients. It is half as large as the “normal” 6qt. so yeah that is the only difference. Cook times would remain the same as far as that goes, some things like Instant Pot frozen Tilapia may not fit though since they are rock hard and don’t bend.

Yes of course you can use your slow cooker during the summer months too, and we do that. However, pressure cooking is a game changer when you forgot to prepare everything in the morning and it’s now 5 o’clock!

If you’re home all day you could choose either kitchen appliance really. I am a food lover and enjoy both methods but slow cooking kinda’ went out the window when I got my Instant Pot! Let’s be real. We are all busy and need some help to avoid mom guilt during the summer months.

instant pot june recipes
june instant pot recipes

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.