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Free Cookbook for College Students

Here’s a printable free cookbook for college students with 20 easy recipes to choose from. Cooking in a small apartment or dorm room has never been easier!

cookbook for college students

It’s time to move your “little one” into a dorm room at college right?? I will be there next year and I’m already sad! One thing I remember when I was a student was the need for easy college recipes I could make in my dorm room and a simple cookbook for college students that was easy to follow, so I made one! Unfortunately the Instant Pot wasn’t around then but it is PERFECT for making college meals in a small apartment or dorm now right??!!

Cookbook for College Students

Now to start with you can have them bookmark my site and save it on their iPhone screen as an APP of sorts. I have a lot of easy microwave recipes they can use that take less than 5 minutes and don’t require much skill at all.

  • If you’re dropping your “little one” off this is one item on our dorm room checklist.
  • I have the simple 6 qt. Instant Pot and it works great (you don’t need the fancy version).

There is also a smaller 3 qt. mini Instant Pot where you can just cut all of these recipes in half.

I personally wasn’t into cooking a lot when I was a college student. If I had a pressure cooker though I would have. For leftovers these meal sized plastic disposable containers are great. Of course you will need to check with the rules at your college to see if pressure cookers area allowed, every school is different.

Instant Pot

College Cookbook

If you’re new to using one of these devices here’s a post on how to use an Instant Pot as well as a video inside where I explain all the buttons too. 😉 Once you use it a time or two it will become second nature and all make sense.

Printable cookbook for college students

Here are the 8 recipes you’ll find in this printable, the other 12 are below and you can just click on the link to get the info. for those.

You can find over 101+ other Instant Pot recipes here but here I included the ones that just use a few ingredients, are cheap to make, and there are several healthy meals too.

Instant Pot steam valve

Free Printable Cookbook for College Students

My daughter has been a student for 3 years now and these have worked well for her. I did buy her a Cosori recently too so she could make easy air fryer dinner recipes too.

  1. Instant Pot taco casserole – a winner with all young people!
  2. Easy Instant Pot spaghetti – this will become your go to easy college recipe because it’s yummy and super cheap!
  3. Cheap Instant Pot taco soup
  4. Pressure cooker frozen meatballs – use as a snack or a protein packed simple meal.
  5. Instant Pot chicken legs – two ways to make it, with bbq sauce or enchilada sauce.
  6. Creamy Instant Pot cream cheese chicken casserole – sometimes called crack chicken
  7. Pressure cooker lasagna casserole – tastes just like mom’s lasagna but WAY easier to make and saves well.
  8. For dessert this Instant Pot rice pudding – when you need something sweet this is to die for!

There are 12 others listed below…….

easy college recipes

I will continue to add to our list of easy college meals but wanted to get that right out since school is starting soon and there was a request for me to put this together in time. 😉

Easy college recipes

I will list below and you can find the recipe by clicking each link. There are a few healthy college meals listed as well and like I said I will continue to add more.

You can bookmark my entire list of over 101+ Instant Pot recipes too so you can refer back to it often.

instant pot chili recipe

Free Cookbook for Students

Cookbook for College Students

Free cookbook for college students

It is a whole new world from the 90’s when I was in school which is great since I’m about ready to part with my first born soon. I have prepared her with a pressure cooker herself so she doesn’t feel like she needs to eat at the dining halls all the time. That way she has a bit more flexibility with what she eats when she’s away from home.

Simple college recipes

Time needed: 5 minutes

College Student Cookbook Free

  1. Print

    Now feel free to print this free printable cookbook for college students
    I have a free Ninja Foodi cookbook here too if they have that machine specifically.

  2. Save

    You can staple them together or laminate the pages so if they get messy they won’t get ruined.

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