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The Best Leftover Ham Recipes

Here are a bunch of easy leftover ham recipes to use after the holidays. How to use your diced ham after Easter, Thanksgiving or Christmas. Thrown into hearty soups, a breakfast casserole, or other meals your entire family will enjoy.

best leftover ham recipes

Even before Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas arrive I am already looking for easy leftover ham recipes. I know we will need quite a few using cubed ham. (originally posted 3/16, affiliate links present)

We always have oven baked ham leftovers and hate being wasteful. We’ve made several things ourselves but I thought about including a few more ideas this year from other bloggers.

Enjoy your holidays and try something new this year with your leftover sliced ham from the big meal. 😉

  • Are you sick of sandwiches and ready to try other leftover ham recipes now?

We thought so!

Our Loaded Baked Potato Soup is something we make often. My daughter even asked for it for Christmas dinner this year!

This totally loaded baked potato soup in the crockpot is super easy recipe to make and so delicious! You only need a few ingredients and it only costs about $10 to feed up to 6 people. Stovetop and pressure cooker potato soup instructions included too so you can cook it any way you want. #potato #soup #loaded #crockpot #slowcooker #pressurecooker #cheese

We’ve got lots of suggestions like our slow cooker ham and beans that cooks all day.

Or try ham and cheese roll ups that can be thrown together in no time for dinner!

Your Christmas ham has endless possibilities for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

If you love leftover ham soups we have a bunch of those too. They’re probably my favorite.

leftover ham recipes

Our Instant Pot potato cheese soup is great to throw leftover ham into

Make a hash brown casserole, or air fryer hashbrowns, or throw it into scrambled ham and eggs with cheddar cheese.

Throw it into an Instant Pot casserole for a cheesy pasta dish

Crockpot split pea soup and/or Instant Pot split pea soup recipe are perfect with ham thrown in

instant pot split pea soup

This year I came up with a new leftover ham recipe here that uses puff pastry and my kids loved them! 😉

Make our creamy Crockpot ham and potato soup is amazing.

Our asparagus casserole recipe is yummy with leftover ham.

Asparagus Casserole Recipe 2

Here is one for cheesy ham rollups that is easy! You can make them in your oven or this way as air fryer chicken cordon bleu with it diced up small.

Just use Pillsbury crescent sheet, ham, swiss cheese, and put a bit of dill into mayo. to swipe on.

Then bake as directed on the crescent roll wrapper! You can also use crescent rolls and a muffin pan to make Leftover ham turnovers!

This cheesy scalloped potatoes with ham from Love Bakes Good Cakes…yum!!

A Dish of Daily Life has a yummy creamy pasta with ham and peas dish to try!

Try these broccoli, ham and cheese bake from Serena Bakes Simply from Scratch!

leftover ham recipesHere are some more great leftover ham recipes from other bloggers we love!

Here is a Scalloped potatoes and ham dish from Amy Cooking Adventures.

Ham and potato casserole from Oh, Sweet Basil we are going to try this year.

leftover ham recipe

This Ham cobb salad from Tastes better from Damn Delicious sounds great.

Pineapple and ham kabobs from Goodness gracious would be great for the BBQ.

  • Ham pinwheels by Mom on Timeout would be a great appetizer or meal.
  • This Ham dip from Buns in my Oven looks amazing.

Take a look at our slow cooker soup recipes for more ideas.

If you have other leftover ham recipes let us know so we can add them to our list!

easy leftover ham recipes

Hope you gathered some great ideas on how to use leftover ham this year…do you have another recipe you love?

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