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Best Large Air Fryer Review

If you’re looking for the best large air fryer, the Power Air Fryer Pro is the best one on the market! With 3 racks it’s a dehydrator too! 

Best Large Air FryerI’ve been creating a lot of new air fryer recipes lately. Problem is, most have a small basket and when I looked for the best large air fryer I found this PowerXL Air Fryer Pro and love it. Special thanks goes out to them for gifting this unit to me so I could share my review with you. (affiliate links present)

  • This is the Power Air Fryer Pro Plus I’m talking about! It’s the best air fryer to buy if you want to cook everything all at once and not in smaller batches!

Yes there are only 5 of us in the house but I don’t want to spend more time in the kitchen than I have to.

  • With my Ninja Foodi and other electric air fryer I would typically make 3 batches in their frying baskets for every 1 I can make in this xl air fryer.

I will say I love both for different reasons, but if you have a larger family than we do or tend to serve a crowd regularly, this is the best large capacity air fryer.

powerxl pro

Here is the big difference. There are three shelves inside, as opposed to just one basket! This means you can load up each one and make a huge batch of zucchini chips all in one shot.

How does an air fryer work?

Instead of submerging battered food inside of oil, these machines use hot circulating air to crisp the outsides. That means it is WAY healthier than fried foods and I actually prefer the taste of this method.

  • You can make almost anything in it too including this tender salmon!

Do you put oil in an air fryer?

NO! Well, actually yes you can mix oil with your ingredients before putting them in the fryer but you’re not submerging it like the typical “frying” method. If you do, it will add an extra crunchy layer to your food.

  • Spraying food with olive oil spray is commonly done too.

Power Air Fryer Pro

This is the best air fryer for a large family too because it’s a dehydrator as well! We have only made dehydrated apples so far but seriously they’re my kids’ favorite snacks ever!

What does the Power Pro come with?

  • First you can choose from 2 sizes; the 6 qt or the family sized 8 qt are available, they also come in 3 colors.
    • each comes with 3 air flow racks
    • 10 stainless skewers
    • XL rotating mesh basket
    • a rotating rotisserie spit
    • an oil drip tray
    • as well as 3 cook books
  • State of the art touchscreen with eight cooking presets
  • Drip tray catches extra fat & oil for guilt-free air frying
  • You can dehydrate fruit and vegetables with no added sugar!

power air fryer

If you have never used one of these countertop appliances it is helpful to have preset buttons. What they do is make the cooking time guesswork easier.

  • If you are cooking crispy shrimp for example, you can just load it up and press the button you can see here.

Of course it isn’t perfect depending on how large they are and what breading you use, but it’s a great start. For one thing it will set the times and temperatures appropriately.

Then you just tweak the timing at the end if you want them crispier. Of course you can set the temperature to 400 degrees or less, and cook time too. Just use our air fryer cook times chart for crispy deep fried tasting foods.


  • After you make a few air fryer dinner recipes you will learn about how long each item takes. When you’re new though it is a bit intimidating. 

air fryer dinners

This is what we made in it first! A batch of air fryer green bean fries went in with some parmesan and Panko breadcrumbs and came out amazing. I actually ate the whole batch for lunch at my desk. 😉

Then we made grilled cheese in air fryer for dinner!

  • Will post this recipe soon, try our wings with a dry rub first though.
  • Try making corn dogs and other frozen foods inside too, you’ll be amazed at how much better they taste!
  • You can even make a cheesecake in this thing!

If you’re looking for the best large air fryer on the market, this is it!

fried green beans recipe


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.