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Best Summer Staycation Ideas

Here are lots of Summer staycation ideas you can do as a family that are cheap or free! Find things to do with kids indoors and out here.

Fun and inexpensive ideas when having a staycation this Summer. Staying at home during the holidays can still be fun, here are some staycation ideas for kids.

It’s Summertime! Many times we take off and go on a road trip or vacation, but when things are tight we have some Summer staycation ideas to keep our kids happy. Let me share a few of our favorites with you. Special thanks goes out to J.M. Smucker’s Company for sponsoring this post.

Go on a picnic! This is one outdoor activity for kids we do quite often. It is so easy to do, it is a great way to explore the area you live in.

It’s is also a great excuse to get out into the fresh air and talk while you’re enjoying your surroundings and one another.

  • Here is a picnic we took just this week. I took a trip to Walmart, my “snackation destination”
  • Grabbed enough Uncrustables and Fruit Fulls from Smuckers for our picnic.
  • Decided we would just drive until we found a pretty spot to stop and we found one.
  • I always keep a blanket in the back of my car for times like this…..and what a nice picnic it was!
Staycation ideas

Here are a few of our favorite summertime activities


Water Fun:

Take a walk/hiking activities:

~ Bring an egg carton & fill with treasures

~ Hiking activities with kids

Hiking with kids
  • Have a picnic at your destination

~ Fill a spray bottle & spray things you like/water flowers along the way

  • Take pictures with a play/throw away camera

~ Find bugs (bring note pad & draw pictures of them)

Beach List/ cheap activities for kids

  • Play with buckets (build sand castles etc)
  • Go boogie boarding
  • Learn how to play smashball
  • Frisbee fun
  • Have a picnic (cooler)
  • Build a track out of sand (bring toy cars)
  • Make a castle out of sand for toys (little toys and cars work well)
  • Enroll them in a Summer camp

Visit your community pool (contact local recreation center)

Make some Summer time snacks at home

Have a lemonade stand

If you love crafts you can make cinnamon ornaments with just 2 ingredients!

Cinnamon Ornaments

Have a movie night complete with a sundae bar! Ok, we do this beyond the Summertime because it’s so fun and inexpensive to do.

If you subscribe to a movie channel keep your eyes open throughout the week and record movies your whole family might enjoy. Renting something is a lot cheaper than going to the movies and much more comfy enjoying it at home too.

  • Set up a sundae bar after dinner complete with ice cream, sprinkles, and lots of Smuckers® sundae toppings.
  • Oh yes the kids will love this idea (parents too).
Staycation ideas

Color a picture

Write a card to an out of state relative (take a trip to the post office to send it)

Build a little free library & fill it with goodies

Visit your local library (usually have activities during the summer/story time)

Participate in free Summer reading programs

Paint a picture

Visit a local fair (usually several in the summer time)

Take a drive (somewhere new)

Go Geocaching

Window shop at your local mall

Take the train or metrolink (get off for lunch & come back)

Read a book

Put on the radio and dance

Ride your bike

Feed ducks at your local lake or pond

Staycation ideas

Spend the afternoon at the park! Of course, remember to bring snacks and a lunch with you. It’s a bummer if you go empty handed and are having a great time, it’s best to throw a few things in a bag so you’re covered.

  • The park is a great place to go and I am sure there are many in your area. Go online and find somewhere NEW. That is always fun!

Whatever you do and wherever you go make your Summertime something memorable….it’s not always about the destination, but rather the memories you make on your way to your end point!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.